People your story. The story in which only

People with integrity are people who are not afraid to speak
from their heart and mind based on their experiences and the knowledge they
have gained through those experiences.  The
only person that can speak of those experiences from your view and from your perspective,
is you!  There is no reason to deny the
world around you your story.  The story
in which only you can tell.  Only you
have the true and honest details of the journey that you are on.

It is important as a person of integrity to present your
original work without taking ideas or words from any one else.  Having integrity, is to showcase yourself as the
honest and genuine person that you are; someone who is confident and proud of
their writing and their original ideas.  The
world does not want to hear another story that they have already heard.  The world wants to hear a story that is
unique to you and only you and that is what makes it different and
engaging.  Taking words and ideas from
someone else is wrong and looked down upon. 
It is stealing!  It is

Presenting a story that is not yours to tell not only hurts
you but others that you have engaged.  When
you pass ideas or words on as your own when they are not you gain respect,
credit, and even financial gain that is not rightfully yours to gain.  You are taking these things away from the
person who deserves them; for their original work that they have put
forth.  It is not easy to regain the
respects of class mates, colleagues, and the world around you when you have
come across as a fraud and as someone who has stolen others hard work for their
own gain.

I know that I only have one story to tell and that is my
story!  No one else has walked in my shoes,
no one else has seen through my eyes, and no one else has my perspective!  New, fresh, and original ideas are what make this
world go around and success possible for any one willing to share their own
ideas.  If we did not encourage and
promote integrity then our world would lack creativity, ingenuity, imagination,
cleverness and the pursuit of success through these avenues.  Tell your story it is much more interesting
than you think.  Use it as a teaching
moment and to teach others.

Life is full of teaching moments and this has been a
teaching moment for me.  I was unaware
and had not heard of “self-plagiarism”. 
The ideas that I have set forth are my original ideas and an important
part of my bio and my story.  I thought these
words could be used to my liking since they were indeed my own words to tell.  I now know differently and have more
knowledge going forward to help me in becoming a better writer and better student.