People’s Beaten by circumstances, diligence offered them lifebuoy.

People’s natural adherence to remain in one
comfort zone has always created a potential enemy within.  This enemy within is the good that is being
allowed to kill the best. The majority of people in the world don’t say ‘no’ to
the good in order to say ‘yes’ to the best. 
This ensures that about 70 percent of people in the world remain more or
less in the valley. They  have been stuck
to the valley because they lack diligence while few  have struck 
success by being able to overcome challenges that come their way, and in
that way  solving problems for the
society, enhancing the world social fabric while cultivating development.

the stories of people like Bill Gates, Jeff 
Bezos and some other billionaires on the pages of Forbes Magazine and
similar other publications. The world associates with them. And as the saying
goes “success has many uncles.” Their stories offer a memorable motivating
experience to people, especially the young ones. They can either go for the
American-influenced international figures or learn from the Asian Champions.
But their diligence helped put them on the world stage.

With the sound of  waves created by the experience of these
people and  crashing  of evocative stories into the consciousness,
one has to wonder why  he or she has
stayed helpless for sometimes and wonder also why motivational speakers  even needs to promote diligence and  its fruits.

Another standout in the crowd of world great
entrepreneurial leaders is the crop of rag to riches cases. Beaten by
circumstances, diligence offered them lifebuoy. This was done to perfection.
Life’s bitterness turned to   sweetness for
them and tasted divine. The success they recorded on breaking out more than
made up for the disappointment they have encountered. Three people come under
focus here Oprah Winfrey, Larry Ellison and Li Ka-shing.

their stories they have become people’s libraries and some of the most
important institutions that impact youths’ personality, talents and abilities
across the world. Each of them are pamphlets in the libraries and the world
have taken this concept to heart. Each of their stories provides useful lessons
in diligence and determination. It provides a number of educational as well as
motivational activities for people, such as shaping and re-shaping their world
views, impacting them with knowledge and organizing mind workshops while also providing
a sort of training sessions for whoever is lucky enough to read their stories.