Performance Poetry Notes

T/F. Slam poetry and spoken word are not the same

slam poetry
a competitive form of spoken word,very few words, very engaging.

HBO’s Def Poetry
Mos Def wrote it

Brave new voices
high school slam poetry

louder than a bomb
another slam poetry organization for teenagers/students

Slam poetry competition rules
1. poem must be original work of the poet/performer. if group, one in the group has to write the poem musical instruments,props,or costumes
3.poets/performing poets gets only 3 minutes max. (you can get points taken) (can be over 2 min)

poetry slam incorporated
is the organization , which oversees slam poetry competitions throughout the world.

T/F poetry slam began in Chicago , Illinois in the 80s

Marc Smith
created poetry slam. he was a construction worker who went to a place called the green mill tavern in Chicago. he persuaded the owner there to have the first ever poetry slam

poetry slam
meant to be audience interacted

T/F songs are poetry

Erykah Badu
singer hip hop artist who does a great person involved poem