Personal statement Essay

Two years ago I went on holiday to Iraq to visit my grandfather who was terminally ill. Evan though his illness was incurable he was lucky enough to have access to medicines to lessen his pain. Many people were not as lucky as my granddad, and experienced unnecessary pain, as there was no access to the medicines they needed. For as long as I can remember I have appreciated how medicine is important in one’s life and how its lack of availability increases pain and causes not only poorer health, but also a reduction in the quality of life.

I have always wanted to pursue a career that revolved around helping others and one which is beneficial to humanity, as the welfare of other people is very important to me. Entry into a career such as pharmacy would be ideal for me, since I have a great interest in chemistry and in practical work. I also enjoy working in a team and I’m good at handling responsibility. To gain some experience, I went to a dentist’s surgery and worked as a dental nurse, while the professional dental nurse was away. During my two weeks there I become skilled at handling technical equipment.

I was also taught how to mix substances with precision and felt very much part of a team. I also developed my communications skills, as communication between a dentist and his nurse is very important especially when operating with a patient. I am also planning to obtain further work experience in a pharmacy soon. I am studying biology and chemistry for A level. I enjoy these subjects most, and especially chemistry as it involves a lot of practical work, which I find very interesting and stimulating.

I also took French at AS level, as I love learning different languages and learning about different cultures through travel. I’ve been to France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Syria, Jordan and Iraq, and can also speak Arabic and French. I’m also hoping to learn further languages if I find the time and chance. My third A level subject is ICT. I enjoy learning about the rapid developments in technology in the present century; while I find the subject very useful as IT skills are used in all areas of day-to-day life. I like to spend my spare time productively as body stimulation is as important as mind stimulation.

A few hours each week attending aerobics and yoga lessons is ideal for me as it keeps me fit, healthy and in good shape. I also love playing a variety of different sports, and particularly football, basketball and tennis. I play these sports with my friends for pleasure, and they also improve my communication and teamwork skills. I have also been selected for school netball and basketball teams. Walking is another hobby, and I walk for at least an hour a day. It helps to clear your mind and so improves my concentration while studying. I also like to read as reading challenges the mind.

I hope that my commitment to my chosen career comes across through my enthusiasm for chemistry and determination to benefit humanity. I have selected pharmacy after considerable research, and am convinced that it plays to my strengths. I also recognise that taking up such a career requires a lot of responsibility and dedication. I am confident that I have the characteristics necessary for success. I am very excited by the prospect of university, as I am sure I will enjoy the experience. I will also be eager to take part in social activities, and am greatly looking forward to meeting new people.