Philip Freneau

First Truly American Poet (American in theme and style; born in America)

life was largely devoted to the service of _______ ______
political ideals

born into what type of family
wealthy French Huguenot family in New York

received education at the __________ ___ _____ _________
College of New Jersey (Princeton)

tried various occupations, such as:
teaching, secretary to a wealthy planter in the West Indies

returned to New Jersey in _____

enlisted in the New Jersey ______, serving from 1778 to 1780

captured by the ________ and confined in _____ _______ _________ for nearly 2 months on prison ships
British; New York Harbor

alternated between ________ and ___________ jobs
editorial; seafaring

political views
radically democratic

what kind of writing
poetry, political essays

What did George Washington call Freneau?
“that rascal Freneau”

died at age ____
80 (1832)

manner of death
died during a snowstorm while trying to find his way home at night from a tavern

What does his poetry reflect?
the issues of his day (the British, patriotism, war,etc.)

poetry reflected the shift from 18th century ________ to 19th century ___________ style
neoclassical; romantic

combined which two ideas in his writing
neoclassical ideals of regularity and restraint with romantic ideals of innovation and freedom

helped make possible the works of poets such as
William Cullen Bryant, Edgar Allan Poe

poetry signals a significant change in _______ attitude

Freneau’s view of the world is _____-centered

What does he replace the providential, personal relationship of God with mankind with?
an impersonal and rationalistic divine benevolence

What did he write that we read in class?
-“To the Memory of the Brave Americans Under General Greene, in South Carolina, Who Fell in the Action of September 8, 1781”-“On a Honey Bee”