Philippines in the Philippines gives rise to the

Being Left Behind; Looking at the Rails


In many different countries
the desire to develop their economical status, way of living, and reputation is
evident. The increase of demand and population in a country gives rise the need
to develop its transportation system; but the high birth rate and congestion in
certain cities, such as here in the Philippines gives rise to the question “Is
the development in our transportation enough to support the people in the


In japan, the development
in transportation and the equipment being used gives them a leverage in their
transportation system. One example of this it is the train system they have in
their country. The train transport reflects the discipline of the Japanese
people by arriving at the proper time and follow a strict schedule for their
passenger’s daily activities. If there is a delay caused by the train, a you
delay certificate will be given to the passengers. This is a documentation of proof issued by rail way stating
that its scheduled passenger train arrived at a station later than what is
contract in the company’s scheduled timetable. The
Japanese railway system is world-famous for being well organized and


Comparing this kind of system
with the ones here in the Philippines, the train stations is a common cause of
delay. Most passengers will take this due to the high congestion of traffic in
Metro Manila rather than thinking of the convenience of actually taking the
train. The scheduling system here only state the first train and the last train
of each station; no other schedule will be provided.


Another example is
Singapore’s transportation system. Singapore’s transport is mostly land-based.
In public transportation Singapore has one of
the most efficient public transport networks in the world, according to a study
by London consulting firm Credo. Public transportation covers a variety of Singapore’s transportation such as bus,
rail, and taxi. Singapore’s public conveyance is a good model to others


The Philippines may not be known to the efficiency of
our transportation or the discipline being done in them, but we know we are
still trying our best to cope up with the increasing demand. Truly we are
greatly behind in comparison to these countries, but with by applying the
discipline and innovations being done in this country, Philippines may just be
able to catch-up with a proper transportation system.