Physical and will provide the available cloth related

Physical Evidence: The physical evidences
section describes the tangible components under the service delivery process of
a company. The service delivery components are helpful in determining the
perceptible elements under the service delivery that are directly accessible to
the clients (Milton and Johnson, 2012). Physical evidences like a commercial
website, shopping cart for customers, shopping menu, and purchase options are
identified by analyzing H&M clothing company. With the help of commercial
website, customers can acquire an easy platform for purchasing clothes.
Different elements like shopping cart, cloth menu, and purchase options also
prove beneficiary for the service delivery of H&M.

Customer Actions: The several actions that
can be performed by customers are described under this section. The actions of
customers involve creation of the account by registering for the H&M
website. The customers who have already registered themselves on the website
can login for further purchasing. The customers can also choose clothes and
items from the shopping menu. Customers are also involved in choosing a
specific cloth variety and also select the payment options.

Onstage/Visible Employee Actions: These actions involve
receiving a request regarding a specific product of customers’ choice. The
employees of H will need to ensure the availability of the requested service
and will provide the available cloth related options to the customers. The
employees are also responsible to confirm the payment process.

Backstage/Invisible Employee Actions: These actions involve
arrangement of the supply of a requested product or item (Polaine, Løvlie and Reason, 2013). The employees must also ensure the proper
packaging of the available items and must work over successful dispatch of the
products. Proper packaging of clothes and apparels is necessary to enhance the
effectiveness of the product delivery. The clothes that are requested by the
specific customers are required to be delivered to the specified customers
only. The employees must also keep a check over the requested item and must
ensure their delivery to the correct customer. 

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Support Processes: Different support
processes are also evaluated under the service delivery operation of H.
These processes involve tracking of shipment and ensure the timely delivery of
the requested product to the requested customer. The support process also
involves cancellation of an undesirable product and refund relative to the
cancelled order.



The report is focused towards evaluating the service
delivery operation of H clothing company. The report has provided details
about the company’s profile and different types of products and services it
provides to customers. Identification of the service delivery procedure of
H&M and problems encountered in its service delivery practice is also
described in the report. In order to improve the service quality, a service
blueprint is designed. This blueprint has defined various service delivery
operations and processes.



The report has presented an evaluation regarding the
issues faced in the service delivery practice of H&M which is a retail
apparel company. The report has evaluated the online service delivery of the
company and its various practices that are involved in the service delivery.
Different issues related to the dispatch and shipments of products are
encountered in the company. These issues are further explained with the help of
gap model describing the gaps prevailing among the producers and consumers in
delivering the service. The report also presents a descriptive service
blueprint that highlights different aspects of service delivery such as
physical evidence, customer actions, and on-stage and backstage employee
actions. The service blueprint also describes the support processes of the
company. The service blueprint has assisted H&M to avoid problems related
to the service delivery and deliver quality services to customers.