Pirates of the Caribbean – A Dead Mans Chest

Captain Jack is back! In an action packed sequel to the hugely popular Pirates of the Caribbean, he’s back in style! Like the Disneyland ride this film was inspired by; it rolls from one sequence of special effects to another combining humour, romance and horror in a way that only Pirates of the Caribbean could achieve. A Dead Man’s Chest not only lives up to the glory of the first film but also takes the audience deeper into the story and characters, something that could not be achieved with the first film due to lack of time and money.

The anticipation and expectation of this film was huge following the massive success of the first film which had a gross of $656 million worldwide. Most of the original cast and crew jumped back on board for this film including Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightly, director Gore Verbinski and producer Jeff Bruckheimer. It was set again in the beautiful Caribbean islands like before adding the island Dominique to its list and the Bahamas.

With the hideous, tentacley Kraken coming after him Jack Sparrow must slay the beast’s owner the squid faced rotter Davy Jones. Throw in loved up couple Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan and one horrifically malicious Lord Cutler Beckett. And as the director himself said “Pandemonium is but an ‘A- hargh, me hearties!’ beat away.’ The film’s elaborate plot with bracing swordplay and the same dastardly double- crossing as we saw in the first, it’ll keeps you speculating about what is to come form one scene to the next

Davy Jones’s crew are some of the best special effects seen in cinematic history, barnacle encrusted, decaying zombie like sailors. Their leader, however, has got to be the best creature in the film; he has an octopus like head with tentacles flying uncontrollably in all directions as he seethes against all living beings. This image is then repeated for his pet the Kraken who is a gigantic version of the legendary head.

This film would not survive without the character Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp. Depp’s acting is truly magnificent and he portrays Jack with a brilliance that only he could achieve. Johnny keeps Jacks character perfectly from the first film as he flounces through every scene always with a bemused smile and a devil may care attitude that the audience have come to love about him. His performance is a total delight and he brings together the daftness of Daffy Duck the confidence of Peter Pan and the bravery of Harry Potter to create a spectacular character.

Bloom’s acting as well is brilliant with every scene he brings freshness to his character so he doesn’t just become a love struck Prince, type of person that can be linked to the hero image. Nighy’s performance as Davy Jones’s is very good, even though we can’t see his face beneath the special effects, he pushes through the roughness and the hatred his character feels for all life. Keira Knightly’s performance, on the other hand, is slightly wooden and her character becomes quite boring as all it portrays is a heroine that can look after herself which is quite common within modern movies. Without Depp, Nighy and Bloom I think this film would sink but they carry it and their performances make it the spectacle it is.

Action- wise Verbinski and the crew have outdone themselves. There are three major action sequences throughout the first film and many little ones to keep things lively. There is one sequence when the characters are trapped in bone cages, I will say no more apart from it is very amusing and a lot of fun. The production was a huge extensive affair that could easily have gotten out of control on many occasions but under Verbinski’s assured direction and Jerry Bruckheimer’s talented eye, the film is kept under control at all times. As well as Hans Zimmer’s excellent music that brings the tension and suspense to the whole movie. Dariusz Wolski’s cinematography magnificently admires Heinrich’s extravagant sets. All of this comes together to create the success that these films have become.

This film hasn’t only reached the enormous expectations created form the first film, it’s outdone them. It has brought something new and inspiring. It has proved that sequels can be just as good. Nobody expected to be enthralled by a story about pirates. Nobody expected a Pirates movie to work. The days of Treasure Island, Cuthroat Island and Blackbeard were long gone but the Pirates of the Caribbean films have revived that and prove that it can still work.

Pirates of the Caribbean a Dead Man’s Chest lives up to the expectations and brings a new aspect of pirates that we haven’t seen before. It proves that anything can work on screen with a good director, a legendary producer and some solid acting.