Poem Exam 2

The Secretary Chant
Marge Piercy
A woman giving herself the characteristics of a desk

Those Winter Sundays
Robert Hayden
It’s about a cold past and present reverance; didn’t understand while he was growing up but now that he is older he is thankful

Dog’s Death
John Updike
The title gives a negative connotation which was the point. A dog dying who meant a lot to his owner. continued to play up until it’s death bed.

Oh, Oh
William Hathaway
Two people at a train, childish terms like choo choo while one side of the track, then turns super serious on the next side of the track into hells angels.

Robert Francis
Comparing a poem to a game of catch. You should always pitch a poem different ways.

Magic of Love
Helen Farries
talks about the good things of love
love is a blessing from above

Love Poem
John Frederick Nims
shipwreck vases = hands of disaster

It’s the Law: A Rap Poem
S. Pearl Sharp
it’s criticsizing America’s laws and saying that we need to go back to focusing on love more
park your hog
Laws for cool cats and laws for dirty dogs

The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner,
Randall Jarrell
seting is important- born into a geopolitical era
persona- speaker created by the poet
war time
the speaker dies in war

she being Brand
E.E. cummings
sexual activity
comparing a car to sex

Back When All Was Continuous Chuckles
Colette Inaz
dramatic monologue- addressing a silent audience to unintentionally reveal some aspect of his or her personality.
tone changes from comedic to sexual
when you’re younger you laugh things off but when you’re older you take things more serious
skeletons and ghosts

Hazel Tells LaVerne
kathryn howd machan
frog and princess—- kiss me

Latin Night at the Pawnshop
Martin Espada
comparing old instruments with the tags for sale to the tags on dead old peoples feet

To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time
Robert Herrick
make due with what you have because everything comes to an end with time

To His Coy Mistriss
Andrew Marvell
Love you ten years before the Flood
time is a forbidden foe espeically for lovers

Marvell Noir
Ann Lauinger
a week in bed would be no crime
woman’s voice, more girly

Last Night
Sharon Olds
Love? It was more like dragonflies
rough sex

William Carlos Williams
as the cat climbed over the top of the jamcloset first the right forefoot carefully then the hind stepped down into the pit of the empty flowerpot
paraphrase because it is all an image of agile movement; no meaning to this poem; have to knock the flowerpot over if you want to find a meaning

Dover Beach
Mathew Arnold
ignorant armies clashing by night

Green Chile
Jimmy Santiago Baca
prefers red chili but their grandma prefers green chili so when they go see her she brings her green chili
mouth burns but sucks it up for grandma

Dulce et Decorum Est
Wilfred Owen
It’s about someone drowning.
Green light

The panther
Rainer Maria Rilke
Something goes i to his heart and is gone
Panther is a prisoner

In a station of the metro
Ezra pound
The apparition of these faces in the crowd; petals on a wet, black bough.
Underground Railroad in Paris

From macbeth act 5, scene 5
The way to dusty death, out out brief candle!
Macbeth emphasizes the darkness and death that surround human beings; the light of life is brief and unpredictable to be of any comfort

You fit into me
Margaret Atwood
You fit into me like a hook into an eye a fish hook an open eye
Strong and unpleasant surprise

The author to her book
Anne Bradstreet
The book to the author is that f conception. It’s her child. Amusement, concern, and self-depreciation.
Her book as a child made it critical and affectionate.

Edmund Conti
Acocalypse soon coming our way ground zero at noon halve a nice day
Laugh and wince

To a wasp
Janice townley moore
Cheese cake batter
Exaggeration with that fist
About a normal domestic circumstance when a wasp flies into kitchen and turns into an exaggeration because of that fist

How poetry comes to me
Gary Snyder
I go to meet it at the edge of the light
Hard at night, frightened outside the comfort zone, but goes to edge to find it

Margaret Atwood
Houdini eyes
He shoots he scores!

Lightening bugs
Ernest Slyman
In my backyard they burn peephole in the night and take snapshots of my house
Title tells us what they are

Jim Stevens
People fighting in the house causing it to fall apart

Linda pastin
A woman feels like she is used by her family and is nothing more than a housewife and mother. She wants to be done.
She thinks they’re judging her.

The clarinetist
Ruth fainlight
Like a horse that gather before the leap
Compared clarinet to swimmer

A frosty nignt
May Swenson
Really weird word choice
Every other line rhymes

A bird came down the wall
Emily Dickinson
How a bird moves when it hops on the ground than when it flies in the air

Blackberry eating
Galway kinnel
About eating blackberries in September

From the cataract of lordore
Robert Southey
How does the water come down at lordore?
End rhyme
Sound effects

John Donne
Everg other line rhymes

From an essay on critism
Alexander pope
Faults of poems
“The sound must seem an echo to the sense”

the pitcher
Robert Francis
Not errant, arrant, wild. But every seeming aberration willed.