nd God Said,”I’ll make a woman”
A women of substance,
A woman of pride,
A woman who is able to put
Petty things aside.
A woman of integrity,
A woman of love,
A woman who is worthy of
The treasures from above,
A woman who is genuine,
A leader in every way.
God said, “I’ll make a woman
I’ll call her an AKA
and god said…

Original, by definition, means pertaining to the Source.
Well, when you speak of the Original Woman, you are speaking of me, of course.
See I am the AKA, the First and Finest for All to Behold.
I change Black Women to Black Pearls, I am 97 years old.
By merit and by culture is the motivation behind my strides.
An Alpha Kappa Alpha woman will always walk with Pride.

You see, being the Original Woman is not my only claim to Fame,
Service to all Mankind is my most esteemed aim.
I am the Original, giving consistently of myself,
Addressing pertinent issues, from AKAdemics to good Health,
Who made a commitment to do good,
A commitment to my people And my Sisterhood.

I am the hope and the dream of the impoverished and unclean.
When I grace the room you know the Pink and Green is on the scene.
I am intelligent, beautiful, finest yet and sophisticated,
A strong black woman, college trained and widely Educated.
One time originated, three times imitated, but never, ever duplicated,


Once a man walked,
A man turned,
and saw that woman,
something more extraordinary
than the Rest…
She seemed to be
A woman of Culture.
Perhaps a poem or two
or a Sweet word would do.
Then he saw her Merit;
Honesty begets me;
Could it be that
I cannot run game
On a lady such as thee?
He noticed the colors
of her salmon pink and apple green.
Could it be that love
had struck it’s cord
in his heart?
She walked with a strut
of attitude that was outstanding,
more than regular attitude…
It was AKAtude.
He looked over at her 20 Pearls,
and realized that this woman
was more than money or flash;
She was a woman of her community,
A leader not a follower.
How can I make this woman mine?
First let go of your ignorance, and
learn the ways of 1908.
Second be willing to build
upon a serious mind,
as well as a serious
stand of a woman.
Third make yourself
humble for her presence,
because she is a first and
will never settle for second.
To gain these things,
And make this woman yours,
listen you Alphas, Kappas, Ques, Sigmas, and yes, Iotas too,
You must be willing to learn about the daughters of merit and culture
and learn to transcend, for this women don’t like brothers who skate on their responses.
Be real in order to gain this AKA,
for she is 1908, thru and true.
how to love a women of aka