Poetry 1

Terrence, this is stupid stuff
A E Housman

What is Someone complaining to Housman about in TTISS?
Poetry is too dark and boring, wants livelier poetry

What is Housmans response?
Tells him to drink rather than read poetry

What are Housmans views on his own poetry?
Be prepared for bad things in life, more bad than good in life. Poetry is sour but realistic

Where is Housman carrying beer home?
His stomach

What parallel to mythology is drawn in TTISS and explain?
Mithradates building immunity to poison, reading sour poetry is building immunity to the world

Ars Poetica
Archibald MacLeish

What does Ars Poetica translate to?
Art of poetry

What should a poem be? In Ars Poetica
Palpable, mute, dumb, silent, wordless, motionless

What do an empty door way and a maple leaf symbolize in Ars Poetica?

What is the purpose of Ars Poetica?
Poetry is trying to communicate an experience, and the experience is wordless

The man he killed
Thomas hardy

What nationality and location is the man he killed in?
England, probably a bar

What is war according to the man he killed?
Quaint and curious

What is the purpose of the man he killed?
Author says if it weren’t for the war, the guy he killed could have been friends with him

A study of reading habits
Philip Larkin

What is the poem a study of reading habits describing?
Progression of life through books, as a child we read epics with heroes, middle age we read sex and as an old person no books

What does get stewed mean?
Get drunk

What does “yellow” mean?
A coward

Purpose of a study of reading habits?
We must realize that books are fantasies and not realism

Is my team plowing?
AE Housman

Two speakers in is my team plowing?
Friend and a dead friend

What are the things the dead friends asks about in is my team plowing?
Cattle, football, his girl, his friend

Break of day
John Donne

Who is the speaker in break of day
A woman

What is the break of day about?
A man married to his job and the woman compares it to an actual affair

What is the parallel drawn in the break of day?
Love allows the poor the false and the foul

There’s been a death in the opposite house
Emily Dickinson

What is going on in the death in the opposite house
Neighbor dies of something maybe contagious, a boy is witnessing it

Sylvia plath

What does the mirror compare itself to
A lake and a terrible fish

Discovery of a new world
Carter revard

New word

What are new words revard uses in his poem?
Truth matrices, and asterized

What is the allusion to in regards poem?
European discovery of new world