Poetry and Text Structure Examples

Cause and Effect Signal Words
so that, because of, since, as a result, consequently, thus, unless, explanation for

Compare and Contrast Signal Words
different from, same as, alike, similar to, unlike, but, as well as, yet, compared to, in contrast, although, however, unless, while

Enumeration Signal Words
1, 2, 3, or bullets, or to begin with, first, second, in addition, next, then, last, finally

Sequential or Chronological Signal Words
first, second, third, now, before, after, then, next, finally, following, while, meanwhile, last, during, not long, when, on date

Concept/ Definition Signal Words
is, for example, involves, can be, defined, an example, for instance, in fact, also, contain, make up

Process Signal Words

or First, next, then, begins with, in order to

Cause and Effect
Many Bald Eagles were killed by pesticides and illegal hunting. As a result, they were in danger of extinction.

Compare and Contrast
Golden Eagles are apt to hunt for prey while Bald Eagles are more likely to take an easy meal.

Enumeration or Listing
1. Golden Eagles are birds of prey.

2. Golden Eagles search for prey. 3. Golden Eagles swoop through the air to attack their prey.

Sequential or Chronological
First, Golden Eagles soar high along ridges near their nests. Then, they search for prey. When a meal is spotted, they attack in a long swoop.

Golden Eagles are powerful raptors with large dark brown bodies and small heads with golden crowns.

All trees lose their leaves in the fall.

Recipe in a cookbook, directions on building a new bookcase purchased from Staples

Cars create a great deal of air pollution. Therefore, people should ride their bikes when able in order to reduce the pollution.

My boss gave me the green light.

He was a statue, waiting to hear the news.

Her depressed mood passed as quickly as an afternoon rain shower.


She is wearing a pink ribbon because her mother has breast cancer.

I’m so hungry I could eat the entire buffet at Golden Corral right now.

My car drank the gasoline in one gulp.