Poetry and the King James version of the Bible

The Psalms
the poetry of prayer.

it praises, laments, gives thanks, and makes confession. can contain musical notation

poetry teaches a lesson. . it is the poetry of wisdom

proverbs and ecclesiastes
examples of didactic poetry

The Song of Songs
the poetry about the nature of love also known as the song of solomon

the poetry of grief. it concerns the fall of jerusalem to babylonians and the resulting exile of the jewish people

The purpose of the King James Bible translators was to
create close equivalence for the hebrew diction and syntax

the three original languages of the bible are
Hebrew Aramaic and Greek

Three elements of diction and syntax used extensively in Hebrew prose and poetry are
epinome, anaphora, and parallel structure

There is no typographical difference in the KJV between prose and poetry. the difference is
the structure

the repetition of entire phrases

the repetition of the same words at the start of successive syntactical units

sacred songs or lyric poems in the praise of God

sacred poems in the book of Psalms

how are the psalms written?
in prayers in first person

psalms 23
portrays Jesus as a shepherd and people as His sheep

extended metaphor
Psalms 23