Poetry and Victorian Age

longest reign in British history
Victoria 1837-1901

What year was Britain in a depression?

What were the social evils of the time?
poverty, child labor, and no restrictions on child labor

George III was ______, George IV was ____, and William IV had a _______
insane, weak, short reign

one of the greatest rulers, won respect of people, wise and capable, and had good values

How many children did Victoria and her husband have?

Who was the empress over India?
Queen Victoria

What was the richest industrial nation?
the empire/England

name two brilliant ministers during Victoria’s reign
William Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli

What were three important reforms?
child labor, voting granted to working class men, state supported schools

What were 3 crisis?
unemployment, overcrowding in cities due to factories, Irish Potato famine

What did industry mean for the middle class?

What are 4 Victorian valves?
duty, moral responsibility, intellectual pursuits, prudishness

Victorians feared a _________ government
strong central

What led to greater voter power?

How were the ideal families?
father run, remote relationships out of respect, women are homemakers

The Victorians adopted some of the same forms and styles as the _________

What is the principle difference between the Victorians and Romantics?
Victorians thought literature should teach

literature sought to change people’s behaviors according to _____

literature posed deep and probed questions that led to _____ and _____ awareness
moral and social

type of literature that is reassuring and comforting (happy endings)

Name 5 novelists
Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Lewis Carroll, Thomas Hardy, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Name 5 poets
Robert Browning, Elizabeth Browning, Lord Alfred Tennyson, Matthew Arnold, Christina Rosetti

Oscar Wilde

greatest poet of his lifetime
Lord Alfred

who began as a playwrite
Robert Browning

who was named poet laureate after Wordsworth?
Lord Alfred

Who eloped to Italy and had one son?
Elizabeth and Robert; she was 40 and ran away despite the overprotective father’s wishes

Who was a great admirer of Byron?
Lord Alfred

Who studied as an architect?
Thomas Hardy

Who was interested in dark aspects of psychology like Poe?
Robert Browning

who wrote poems against slavery, child labor, and power of religious faith?
Elizabeth Browning

Whose novels are bleak, pessimistic, ironic, disturbing/about an indifferent world
Thomas Hardy

Who was a school inspector for Victorian duty?
Matthew Arnold

Who writes stories about loss, love, death, old age, change, and doubt?
Lord Alfred

Who studied Greek, Latin, French, Italian, History, and Philosophy?
Elizabeth Browning

Who was a poet, critic, essayist, and lecturer on literature, politics, society, and religion?
Matthew Arnold

important novelists
Thomas Hardy

Who was fascinated with Arthurian settings like Romantics?
Lord Alfred Tennyson

Who wrote the ring and the book; a long poem in 12 books?
Robert Browning

Who had poor health and lived in father’s house?
Elizabeth Browning

Who perfected the dramatic monologue?
Robert Browning

Who was a candidate to succeed Wordsworth as poet laureate?
Elizabeth Browning

his work doesn’t seem to celebrate goodness, but he suggests virtue
Robert Browning

Who wrote The Memoriam after the death of his friend, Arthur Hallam?
Alfred Lord Tennyson

What type of poem is the Lady of Shallot?
Arthurian Ballad

song-like, repetitive, and tells a story

poem that initiates natural speech, has a speaker addressing a listener who remains silent
dramatic monologue

What creates the rhythm and sound of waves in Dover Beach?

In To Marguerite, what do islands represent?

What does the Lady of Shalott weave?
images of the world in her tapestry

How is Dover Beach written?
in dramatic monologue

In Dover Beach, who is the author speaking to?
his beloved “come to the window”

What does the sea in To Marguerite define? What does it emphasize?
man’s borders and his loneliness

the Lady of Shallot is limited by what the mirror reflects just as the poet with creative ____________
creative vision

How is the sound of Dover Beach?

What does Sophocles compare the tide to?
the flow of human misery

What is the only thing in To Marguerite that crosses the sea?
The Nightingale’s song

Who says islands at one time must have been a continent?
John Donne in Meditation 17

What dilemma is To Marguerite? What does it mean?
Passion vs. Restraint means we are meant to feel yet must not act on feelings

What dilemma is Dover Beach about?
Science vs. Religion

Why do people question their faith when thinking about science?
Darwin’s theory left them with doubts, it left them vulnerable