Poetry Assessment – Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

In the first stanza, the poet is addressing:
“my father”

In the context of the first stanza, lines 2 and 3 express the belief that
old people should fight against death in every way

In the second stanza the poet implies that
wise men accept the rightness of death, but they protest anyway

The “dying of the light” (lines 3, 15, 19) refers metaphorically to

The use of the word “rage” throughout the poem has the greatest effect in:
increasing the emotional intensity of the statement

“Good men,” (line 7) the poet implies, are best noted for
their having done “frail deeds”

The fifth stanza is known for its evident

Stanza four indicates that “Wild men” are those who
try to live life as if “there was no tomorrow”

The poem indicates that the poet’s father
is already raging against death

The poet “pray(s)” to his father to “bless” him because the poet implies he
knows he will have to face death sometime in the future

The battle of color and light within each of the four middle stanzas has the effect of
underscoring the frustration each individual feels as he confronts death

The poet’s lyrical style is characterized mostly by
repetition of words and phrases