Poetry by Jack Rosenblum

100 Years (Author)
Five for Fighting

100 Years (Meaning)
Live every moment of you life
Appreciate every step/aspect
Speaker = 23-35 ish

Young (Author)
Anne Sexton

Young (Meaning)
Being young and having the time to just lay outside
A broken family
Lots of simile/comparisons
God references

High School Senior (Author)
Sharon Olds

High School Senior (Meaning)
A mother losing her child to college
Remembering the long experiences of being with her daughter

Corner (Author)
Ralph Pomeroy

Corner (Meaning)
Young man forms a conflict with officer
Conflict probably does not exist yet he imagines himself defying the cop

Ex High School Basketball Player (Author)
John Updike

Ex-Basketball Player (Meaning)
Glory days
No longer being what he once was
Athletic success doesn’t translate to reality
Speaker was a fan
Speaker shows he is depressed that Flick has failed
“He just sells gas”

13 Ways to View a Blackbird (Author)
Wallace Stevens

13 Ways to View a Blackbird (Meaning)
A collection of sayings about a common ordinary black bird
A sequence of diversity unified by the blackbird
Recognizing aspects of every day life

Sorry (Author)
R.S. Thomas

Sorry (Meaning)
Not actually sorry
Speaker has bad relationship with parents
Speaker says it was parents’ fault ^^

Oh Oh You Will Be Sorry (Author)
Edna St. Vincent Millay

Oh Oh You Will Be Sorry (Meaning)
Basically not apologizing
You’re gonna be sorry
Mood changes in last few lines
Saying I’ll be perfect, the way you want me, but one day Ill be gone

Poem Without Forgiveness (Author)
Dean Young

Poem Without Forgiveness (Meaning)
Speaker: Husband or Wife?
Husband did something to mess up the family
Wife can’t forgive
Talk some more about this one with Kisa

Blackbird (Author)

Blackbird (Meaning)
Bird = Girl in England
Poem about racial discrimination
“Black” Bird
Trying to get freedom and equality

This is Just to Say (Author)
W.C. Willing

This is Just to Say (Meaning)
Talk to Kisa
Very short and easy to recognize
About not really being sorry

Glory Days (Author)
Bruce Springstein

Glory Days (Meaning)
People reliving the good days
Happy beat, sad message:
Glory days are gone

All Apologies (Author)

All Apologies (Meaning)
Wasn’t in class for this