Poetry Collection 3

What is used to emphasize the sound relationships among words
sound devices

repetition of consonant sounds at the beginnings of words

repetition of consonant sounds at the ends of words

what is the repetition of similar vowel sounds inside words that do not rhyme like scene and three

what is the use of a word whose sound imitates its meaning

what has two stanzas, 12 lines, six lines per stanza, A* each a line is a repetition of the word days*abcca rhyme scheme, aabcdd in second stanza

what does line 3 contain
onomatopoeia and alliteration

what is an example of assonance in line 9
days and lay

what is the quality brought out in summer
is the repetition and lack of punctuation gives the poem a musical quality

what has two stanzas, six lines, three lines per stanza, first line longer to read because of punctuation, aaabbb rhyme scheme,
the eagle

what is an example of alliteration in the eagle
clasps, crag, crooked

what is a three line stanza

what is the setting of the eagle
an eagle on a bluff, rocky above a sea, high up, deserted, rippling sea

what is an example of personification
the sea crawls

the eagle contains what sound devices
personification, alliteration, simile

what is happening in the eagle
the eagle is attacking prey near or in the sea

what does the eagles the poem comment about
the beauty of nature

what has 60 lines, four stanzas, not equivalent length stanzas,
analysis of baseball

what is the poem analysis of baseball in the shape of
baseball bat because the stanzas long, lines are short

what sound devices does the analysis of baseball contain
assonance, onomatopoeia, personification

whats an example of assonance and onomatopoeia
thuds and dud

what are examples of personification
bat meets ball, bat waits for ball to mate, ball hates, ball takes bats bait, don’t keep a date, mitt quits in disgrace, ball flirts

what is the scene of the analysis of baseball
someone is batting, pitcher is pitching, pitcher throwing to a catcher and a batter

doess the speaker like baseball

what is a sense to describe baseball

what game is the analysis of baseball referring to
a major league because there are 40,000 people