Poetry Devices for ;’Twas the Night Before Christmas;

a collection of words that expresses ideas or emotions in an imaginative style, sometimes including rhythm and rhyme

narrative poem
a poem that tells a story

a group of consecutive lines in a poem that form a single unit; similar to a paragraph or a verse

the repetition of similar sounding words that are close together in a poemExample: soar / door / more / four / chore / or

end rhyme
rhyming words found at the end of linesExample: Roses are red,Violets are BLUE.

Sugar is sweet, And so are YOU.

internal rhyme
rhyming words found within linesExample: I’ve already SAID that roses are RED. It really is TRUE the violets are BLUE.

rhyme scheme
the pattern of end rhymes in a poem; use a separate letter of the alphabet for each end rhyme to show the patternExample: The scheme of the poem below is — abcb Roses are red,Violets are blue.

Sugar is sweet,And so are you.

a musical quality produced by the repetition of stressed and unstressed syllables or other sound patternsExample: The following line has a rhythm of 4 beats.Roses are red, violets are blue.

the repetition of consonant sounds in words that are close togetherExample: SHiny, SHimmering SHarks are SHocking.

the repetition of vowel sounds in words that are close togetherExample: Meg fed red meds to Ted in bed, she said.

the use of words whose sounds imitate or suggest their meaningExample: buzz, rattle, roar, jingle, crash, honk, screech

an imaginative comparison between two unlike things in which one is said to be another thingExample: You are my sunshine!

a comparison of two unlike things, using a word such as “like,” “as,” “than,” or “resembles.”Example: Life is like a bowl of chocolates. This steak is tougher than an old shoe.

the overall feeling a reader gets from a work of literature described in one or two adjectivesExample: “The Tell-Tale Heart” creates a mood of horror and suspense.

a figure of speech in which an object or animal is spoken of as if it had human feelings, thoughts, or attitudesExample: The golden sun smiled gently on the spring flowers.