Poetry English Final

What is a metaphor?
a figure of speech that compares two basically unalike things without “like” or “as”

My soul is a butterfly trapped in a spider’s web…

is an example of what poetry term?


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What is a simile?
an implied comparrison between two basically unalike things USING “like” or “as”

Love is like a rose….is an example of what poetry term?

What is rhyme?
the similarity or likeness of sound exisitng between two words

Cat and Sat..

.. this is an example of what type of rhyme.

Perfect rhyme

What is alliteration?
the repetition of initial consonant sounds in words

Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore…..

..is an example of what term?


What is imagery?
is concrete images or details that appeal to the five senses and internal feelings

My feet rasped against cold stone, toes selected unnatural shapes…

is an example of what term?


What is symbolism?
a person, place, event, or object that has a meaning in itself but suggests other meanings as well

A Dove represents peace and purity….what is this an example of?

What is personification?
a figure of speech in which non-human things are givern human characteristics

The wind whispered to me….

…is an example of what term?


This is Just to Say is written by…


William Carlos William

Is This is Just to Say organized by stanza, or are the stanza breaks done seemingly for no reason?
Stanzas break for random reasons

Does This is Just to Say have rhyme or a regular rhythm?
No rhyme, but a sliver of rhythm

What is the poet’s message in This is Just to Say?
No message

Which of the elements of poetry does This is Just to Say have?
rhythm and form

What was This is Just to Say before it became a poem?
A note to his wife on the fridge (about how he ate her plums)

What effect does Hendrix’s use of personification have on the experience of the song in The Wind Cries Mary?
It creates imagery

What does the wind represent in The Wind Cries Mary?
Jimmy Hendrix

Why does the wind go from whispering to screaming in the Wind Cries Mary?
The level of emotionsl upset rises when he realizes “Mary” is never coming back

What is the songwriter’s message in The Wind Cries Mary?
That love is a gamble

Who wrote “You’re”?
Sylvia Plath

Why is the person in “You’re” mute from the fourth of july to all fool’s day?
Because a woman is pregnate for nine months, and You’re is a baby that hasn’t been born yet

Is there significance to how the author of “You’re” structured the poem?
There are nine lines in each stanzas (nine months of pregnancy) and some say the poem is shaped like a baby

Who wrote “I know why the caged bird sings”?
Maya Angelou

How are the free people described in “The caged bird sings”?
Everything is good for them and they don’t have to try to get what the want

What does the caged bird sing about and why? (in the poem “The caged bird sings”)
He sings because that is all he can do to express his want for freedom

The caged bird “stands on the grave of dreams” What poetry term is this an example?
Metaphor for the idea that his dreams are dead

Why do some poets repeat stanzas?
To empathize

What does the caged bird symbolize?

What is the setting of the Jabberwocky?

What does the father say to his son at the beginning of the Jabberwocky?
To “shun” (ignore) the Jabberwocky

How does the son react to his father’s advise in the Jabberwocky?
The Son ignores his father and goes to fight the Jabberwocky

How does the father react to his son at the end of the Jabberwocky?
He reacts happily because his son is growing up

Is the fathers reaction expected at the end of the Jabberwocky?
No, because his son disobeyed his father. But his father is concerned that his son can not handle the dragon. But when the son comes home with the dragon’s head, the father is happy that he doesn’t have to worry about that anyumore

Who wrote the Jabberwocky?
Lewis Carroll

Why did the Jabberwocky have so many made up words?
Because they add more description than regulat words, and the setting is fantasy.

What is the Jabberwocky a story about?
It is a coming to age story

Who wrote “Cleaning the Well”?
Paul Ruffin

What is the message of “Cleaning the Well?”
that you may try hard to be good at something, but somethings people will never be good at and we have to move on

Who wrote “Old Age Sticks?”
E.E Cummings

What function did the parentheses serve in “Old Age Sticks?”
Everything old age says or does in inside the parentheses, represents that old age is trapped and can’t get younger. It also helps you combine the words. Also, usually kids ignore things in parentheses like the kids in the poem ignore old age

What is the message of Old Age Sticks?
That kids should enjoy being young while it lasts and it points out that youth wants to be older and older people want to be younger.

Why was the format chosen in Old Age Sticks?
The format makes us pay more attention, it forces us to interpret it, it makes you read every word, and it makes you remember it.

Who wrote “The Sidewalk Racer”?
Lillian Morrison

What sound is repeated in The sidewalk racer?

Why is the “s” sound featured in The Sidewalk Racer?
Because it imitates the sound of a person on a skateboard, and also skateboard starts with s

What is the Sidewalk Racer about?
The zen feeling of becoming one with your skate board

Why is the Sidewalk Racer shaped in this peculilar way?
Because it makes us read slow to fast to slow, like the experience of skateboarding. Some say the poem looks like a skateboard

Who wrote “Mother to Son”?
Langston Hughes

What is the metaphor of Mother to Son?
Life is like walking up stairs

Why did the poet choose this metaphor for life in Mother to Son?
Because walking a lot of stairs is hard and life is hard. Also each step represents years or changes

What is the message of Mother to Son?
Life is hard, not clear, and full of twists and turns, but we can not give up

The song “King of Pain?” is written by?
The Police

Who wrote “Dream Deferred?
Langston Hughes

What is the message in “Dream Deferred”?
It is a warning that if Black people don’t have their dreams soon it will end in violence

Who wrote “Street Window”?
Carl Sandburg

Who wrote “I’m Nobody?”
Emily Dickinson

What is the message of “I’m Nobody?”
That fame is boring and repetative

“All the traffic lights turn blue tomorrow” is an example of..

…A) Personification B) Similie c) Metaphor d) none of the above


What does galumphing mean?`
galloping triumphantly

The pattern of end rhymes in a poem is called…


A rhyme scheme

What is the rhyme scheme?: I did not tknow she’d tike it so/ or else i’d never dared/ she stood beneath the mistletoe/ do long I thought she cared/ Something we shared/

I’m as pretty as my sister is a….

similie, metaphor, comparison, none of the above

a comparison (because they are two ALIKE things)

What is the type of metaphor in “Mother to Son” ?