Poetry Explication (poems to study)

The Flea
METER: iambic tetrameter, metaphysical conceit PLOT: guy wants to get with a girl by telling her they both got bit by a flea and should have sex since their blood is all ready mixed in the flea’s belly and it now doesn’t matter it they do it or not

A Lecture upon the Shadow
METER: iambic tetrameter; metaphysical conceit PLOT: as relationships develop we cast ourselves in the shadow, handing our true sleeve from the other person in fear of rejection (sun rise); but as the relationship grows we cast aside this shadow and allows the other person to see them truly and the other person will likewise also revolve their true self at the hight of the relationship; however if there love doesn’t stay at its hight new shadows will appear but in an opposite direction; the shadows will now become inverted and will begin to withhold secrets and negativity that they do not want the other to see marking the end of the relationship (night)

Batter my heart, thee-person’d God
METER: sonnet; iambic pentameterPLOT: speaker asks God to attack his heart aggressively and violent instead of gently; the speaker try to let God enter, but has trouble because the speaker’s logical side seem to be in control; speaker admits that he loves God, and wants to be loved, but is tied down to God’s unspecified “enemy”; speaker asks God to break the speaker’s ties with the enemy, and to bring the speaker to Him, not letting him go free; he then explain why he wants all of this: 1.) he can’t really be free unless God enslaves and excites him 2.) he cants refrain from sex unless God carries him away and delights him

The Bait
METER: iambic tetrameterPLOT: about fish and how the women = the bait are lust deadly and bad and the fish = men are attracted to the bait (women) and are just used to get hocked on the fishing rod; so they poem is saying the the men are attracted to the women but are just used for love

Death, be not proud
METER: sonnet; iambic pentameter PLOT: all about death; in the poem the main idea is that death has no power over you because you have the afterlife; the poem reveals a deeper truth that believing in the afterlife is like waking up from sleep when you have died and now your in the afterlife

The Rape of the Lock
METER: mock epic poem; heroic couplet (unrhymed pairs of iambic pentameter) PLOT: about this beautiful girl named Belinda (air head, a flirt) and she is getting ready to go to a party in the beginning of the poem and has sprits to help her get ready (live in her hair); main sprit is Ariel; Belinda is going to a boat party and this guy (stalker of women, keeps positions of women in past relationships) thinks her hair is beautiful and cuts off a chunk of its Belinda freaks out and a lot of elevated diction

An Essay on Man
METER: heroic couplets of iambic pentameterPLOT: essay = “attempt to understand); lesson of poem, allaying your own actions instead of analyzing god