Poetry notecards

My Papa’s Waltz
Theodore Roethke-family owned a greenhouse, one with nature.

Poem: Example of ambiguity and childhood memory theme: a fathers drunken habits may seem fun to a child, but in reality they are inappropriate

For My Grandmother
Countee Cullen-Harlem Renesaance poet. Poem: Extended metaphor, rhyme scheme, meiosis. Theme: Things die, but live on through other means

Countee Cullen-Harlem Renesaance poet. Poem: Extended metaphor, rhyme scheme, meiosis. Theme:simple events can change a person’s whole life

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
William Shakespeare- writes sonnets Poem: Rhyme scheme, couplet (eye rhyme) Theme: True love never dies


H , coal miners son, had a difficult childhood; sarcastic poem

Anne Sexton-confessional poet. commit suicide Theme: ambiguous

This is Just to Say
William Carlos Williams- founder of imagism, can find beuty and creativity in anything. Plum Poem, sarcastic tone

Alice Walker-black poet, lost eye to a bebee gun, three gifts: 1sewing machine 2 suitcase and 3 type writer. Poem womens strengh, thanks mom

I heard a Fly Buzz When I died
Emily Dickenson, onomonapia, about death paradox slant rhyme theme: Death is not all it is made out to be

I felt a funeral in my brain
Emily Dickenson ambiguity, kinetic imagery; theme: Death is mysterious

Grape Sherbert
Rita Dove, writes about family: poem about loss of innoncence,memory peoem father tries to make day memorable and happy with family

Gary Soto

A Barred Owl
Richard Wilbur(Pardon) Theme: Darker version is reality, even though you try to supress fear

Musee Des Beaux Arts
W.H Auden-believed in communism extreme intellectual, allusion refers to Icarus a myth Theme: one person’s tragedies do not affect another

Robert Frost, Central Metaphor; theme: the intentions of god are unknown

The Pardon
Richard Wilbur; theme: once death is accepted, mourning is easier

Dulce et Decorum Est
By Wilfred Owen-Speaks out against Horuss’s poem. Killed when he was in war.

Poem:Sarcastic, ironic juxtaposition raw realism theme: war is horrific

Vietnam Scrapbook
Jefferey Harisson Juxtaposition

Do Not go gentle into that good night
Dylan Thomas, from whales died young ddeath, drinks “Poetry is a struggle from darkness to some measure of light” similar to Robert frost. Vilanelle theme: life is important

Music Swims Back to me
Anne Sexton-Confessional poet. Mental institution, meiosis

A Day Begins
By Denise Levertov-imagry, life and death are intertwinted

A valediction:Forbidding mourning
John Donne-valediction, bidding farewell speach, end rhyme, Theme love is deeper dont need to touch

Death Be Not Proud
John Donne(Metaphsyical Poet) many uses, metaphor, similie, paradox, pun, retorical queiston, talks down to death

Traveling through the dark
William Stafford