Poetry of the Tang Dynasty

Who was one of the greatest poets of the Tang Dynasty?
Li Bai

The Tang era was a golden age of what?
Chinese poetry

When and where was Li Bai born?
Central Asia

Li set sail on what River and led his life as a what?

What did Li score a perfect score on?
Civil Service Exam

He traveled through China as a what?
Government bureaucrat

What happened after an emperor was forced from power?
Li tried to take power, failed, sentenced to death

Why was Li not executed?
General and friend intervened so Li was only exiled

What news never reached Li?
He was forgiven and made a political advisor to the new emperor

What are the two accounts about Li’s death?
Combination of traveling and drinking led to death by natural causes

Drowned while reaching out to touch the reflection on the moon while on a lake at night