Poetry Presentations

Fire and Ice Author Bio
Robert Frost 1874-1963
Dante’s Inferno talks of hell
was asked about his beliefs about the end of the world

Fire and Ice Speaker
narrator/unspecified speaker

Fire and Ice Theme
Division is an inevitable characteristic of human nature

Fire and Ice Literary Period

Fire and Ice Literary Devices
in every situation of life, people always go to extremes

Counting Small-Boned Bodies Author Bio
Robert Bly 1926-2014
heard body count of Vietnam War & satarized army

Counting Small-Boned Bodies Speaker
a soldier in the Vietnam War

Counting Small-Boned Bodies Theme
unnecessary violence of wars

Counting Small-Boned Bodies Literary Period

Counting Small-Boned Bodies Literary Devices
syntax (2 long with short)
free verse

Birches Author Bio
Robert Frost 1874-1963
simple & agrarian lifestyle

Birches Theme
nature & youth//birches & boy
nature takes us back to our childhood

Birches Speaker
old man (reminiscing)

Birches Literary Period
modernism: rural setting & solo speaker

Birches Literary Devices
free verse
nature is important

Mantis Author Bio
Louis Zukofsky 1904
influenced by Marxism

Mantis Theme
be aware & respectful to those around you

Mantis Speaker
Louis (author)

Mantis Literary Period
modernism- how people would react to an unknown creature

Mantis Literary Devices
rhetorical questions
exclamatory sentences
similes & metaphors (him=globe)
criticizes free enterprise & says helping one person can change many lives

In a Disused Graveyard Author Bio
Robert Frost 1874-1963
experienced loss & inspired him to write poem

In a Disused Graveyard Theme
men believe the lie that they will never die

In a Disused Graveyard Speaker
Frost is speaking

In a Disused Graveyard Literary Period
modernism- new thinking

In a Disused Graveyard Literary Devices

Because I Could Not Stop for Death Author Bio
Emily Dickinson 1830-1886
introvert & depressed
knew & influenced by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Because I Could Not Stop for Death Theme
death is inevitable

Because I Could Not Stop for Death Literary Period
realism- death
modernism- nature

Because I Could Not Stop for Death Speaker
Emily Dickinson is speaker

Because I Could Not Stop for Death Literary Devices
extended metaphor (death=carriage ride)
free verse

Buffalo Bill’s Author Info
EE Cummings 1894
written 5 years after Buffalo Bills death//angry at death

Buffalo Bill’s Theme
the West becoming a part of American Society
American Optomism

Buffalo Bill’s Speaker

Buffalo Bill’s Literary Period

Buffalo Bill’s Literary Devices
distance between words & lines
personification of death
free verse

I Carry Your Heart With Me Author Info
EE Cummings 1894-1962
father died
wanted to write about things more important than life to keep you happy

I Carry Your Heart With Me Theme
unity of love

I Carry Your Heart With Me Speaker
EE Cummings/man expressing his love

I Carry Your Heart With Me Literary Period

I Carry Your Heart With Me Literary Devices
metaphors (beauty to world)
repetition (i carry your heart)
imagery (love)
free verse
syntax (very odd capitalization & punctuation)
love can be tragic or good

Night, Death, Mississippi Author Info
Robert Hayden 1913
interested in African American history& racism (influence)
called self American poet
was African American

Night, Death, Mississippi Theme
mistreatment of African Americans throughout history

Night, Death, Mississippi Speakers
2; one observer & one participant

Night, Death, Mississippi Literary Period
modernism- uses experimentation & alienation
realism- discrimination is real

Night, Death, Mississippi Literary Devices
simile (moon to robes)
repetition (“time was”)
free verse
2 speakers- shows cruelty of whites & KKK to AA