Poetry quotes from climbing my grandfather

“I decide to do it free, without a rope or net”
Climb dangerously suggests remembering his grandfather is difficult

“pushing into the weave, trying to get a grip”
Trying to grab hold suggests difficult to hold onto memories

“glassy ridge of a scar, place my feet gently in the old stitches”
Glassy gap, put my feet in weaveMetaphor comparing him to the mountain

“Climbing has its dangers”
Sport has cautions, remembering could be hard and painful

“then pull myself up..

. to a smiling mouth to drink among teeth refreshed”

Climb up… to a body part to refresh among objectsThirst quenchedPositive memory

“Feeling his heat, knowing the slow pulse of his good heart”
Feeling his warmth, rate of heartSuggests clos and affectionate relationship