Poetry Reading Test #3

The englishman pictured in lines 1-8 is best described as which of the following?
Pious and conscientious

The Englishman described in lines 1-8 is pictured chiefly in his role as

The change referred to in line 9 is described as one from
seriousness to frivolity

In line 11, the phrase “wear the Bays” is best taken to mean which of the following?
claim renown as poets

The relationship between lines 1-8 and lines 9-14 is best described by which of the following?
Lines 1-8 present a description, lines 9-14 present a contrasting description

In lines 9-20 the desire to write is seen chiefly as
an irresistible compulsion

In lines 15-20, the speaker regards himself as
another example of an incorrigible breed

The main point made about writers and poets in lines 21-28 is that they
feel no need to study and learn their art

lines 23-24 suggest that Radcliff’s doctors
are as much concerned with social accomplishments as with medical training

Beginning in line 29, the speaker does which of the following?
Qualifies his previous position

In line 30, the phrase “These Madmen” refer to

According to the speaker, “These Madmen” Line 30 lack all of the following vices EXCEPT

In Lines 43-52, the speaker attempts to do which of the following
offer a justification

According to line 47, the speaker finds value in which of the following aspects of poetry?

According to the speaker, a positive aspect of poetry is its
didactic usefulness

According to the speaker, poets are despicable if they
mock what is worthy of respect

This excerpt is written in which of the following ways
Heroic couplets