POETRY- Rossetti Context

What was the Pre- Raphelite Brotherhood?
A movement of painters and artists focussed on returning to intense detail and capturing intense emotion in their pieces. They believed that the works of Raphael had corrupted the academic teaching and values of art.

How did Rossetti contribute to the Pre- Raphelite movement?
She entered poems into the journal ‘the Germ’ under the pseudonym Ellen Allen.

What was the Oxford Movement and how did it influence Rossetti?
It was religious movement focused especially on the importance of the sacraments of confession and communion.

Who did Rossetti turn down on the grounds of religious incompatibility?
Two suitors- James Collinson and Charles Bagot Cayley.

Where did Rossetti work during her life to expand her religious impact on the world?
St Mary Magdalene Penitentiary, Highgate.