poetry set 1, ; poetry terms and vicab

What do you think the following means? To read a poem is to hear it with your eyes; to hear it is to see it with our ears.”
reading the words left to right with your eyes, from a story creates a picture that you can imagine in your head. While if someone else is reading it you are hearing it with your ears, and it also creates a picture that you can imagine in your head.

list animals and their winter jobs
bears: store fat
Frogs: burrow the mud.
snails: bury themselves
dogs: grow more hair
chipmunks: gather nuts.

in THE RIDER why are all the activities described in the poem nessessarry
they all are moving wheeled vehicles

in THE RIDER who’s feeling does the poem express- a boys or the speakers?
the speakers

in THE RIDER what does the poet express his feelings about

in SEAL what words end each line? What information do these words communicate?
dives,zoom, darts, voom, eels, sewead, sandy, feed, swims, twist, flipper wrist, quick, spray, plunges away,think, utter, pickle,apple butter, swim, shark, zoom, bark, say, wish, side, fish. (they create a ryme sceme and imagery)

why might the poet aranged the lines of the poem this way in SEAL?
to ryme and to make a seal curvy like shape to go with the image and the poems topic;

how does the shape of the poem SEAL relate to it’s content?
it curves like a seal to create an image like the content creates an image.

the photo on page 334 (SEAL). what details in the photo graph remind you of the poem?
the rocks, the swimming seal, the eels,the seaweed, the flipper ,the minnow. thode items are in both the image and the poem

what are the rules of a haiku mpoem
3 lines
3,5,7 continent

how are the 3 haiku poems simulur? (HAIKU)
they all have 3 lines and they all talk about flowers

Express the samething in another form

what pg number is translate definition

syn for translate

part of speech for translate

luminous page

lumunous def
giving off light

luminous syn
radiant, glreaming, scintillating,lustrous,brilliant, etc

part of speech luminous
adjective adj

minnow page

minnow def
small fish

minnow syn
little fish

minnow p.o.s.

swerve page

swerve def
curveing motion

swerve syn

swerve p.o.s.

utter page

utter def

utter syn

utter p.o.s.

fragrant page

fragrant def
sweet smelling

fragrant syn
perfume,scent,smell,pleasent scent. etc

fragrant p.o.s.
adjective adj

list 5 words that describe movement of the seal (SEAL). what mood or tone do these words create

based on the 3 haikus how would you describe the authors attitude toward nature
very happy about nature

do you think these poems are meaningful for people your age
these poems are meaningful depending on each persons view and perspective on the poem and how they onterprett it. But in my perspective they were meaningful beacuae it felates to the real world (it;s hard to explain)

lyric poem
expresses the persons thoughts and feelings abpout a single image or idea in vivid , musical language.

concrete poem
poet arranges the letters and line to create a visual image that suggests the poem’s subject.

traditional japenease poetry that is often about nature. the 1st line always has five sylables the 2nd line always has 7 sylables and 3rd line always has 5 sylables.

declarearive sentence
makes a statement. it ends with a period.(.)

interrogattive sentence
asks a qustion. it ends w/ a question mark.(?)

imperative sentence
gives a command. it ends w/ a peroid or an exclamation point (. or !)

exclamatory sentence
calls out or exclaims it ends w/ an exclamation point. (!)

humourous poems with va 5 line pattern w/ a clear rhyme sceme.

tells a story.usually very long. some lines may rhyme.

sound word or phrase more thasn once. example:5 dollsr,5 dollar,5dollar foot long.

pagtern of beats

dramatic poem
1 speaker describing an exciding scene.

sound and meaning of words are combined to express feelings thoughts and ideas. it is usually writtin in lines

4 elements of poetry

repitition of constant sound in words. example:peter piper picked a psck of pickled peppers

use of words to create pictures or images in your mind. it apeals to the 5 senses.

epic poem
long narrative poem that tella about a larger than life hero.

ballad poem
song-like narrative that often deals with advennture romance. use ryme,meterm4 stanzas, and refrain

free verse
does not use rhyme or patterns.

ode poem
long formal lyrical poem it often honors people and nature.