Poetry Slam – My Poem: America ~ The Disappointment

America ~ The Disappointment

Stanza 1
They came seeking dreams and new life
They wanted to start again
But all they found were crowded houses
Called tenements, they were crammed in

Stanza 2
America had promised prosperity
Wealth, happiness and joy
But all they found was no jobs
And certainly no money for a toy

Stanza 3
They had stepped through the golden gate
And into a world of what
They thought would be freedom
But was mostly just muck

Stanza 4
Garbage piled up on the streets
There was no indoor plumbing
Dozens of people sleeping in one small room
Like a germs on a hand, with more coming

This poem is about the immigrants that came to America seeking prosperity and found disappointment. I wrote it because this was a topic that we learned about in history class that I am interested in. If you can remember from history class, most immigrant came through Ellis Island and were hoping to find lots of money in America. They wanted relief from bad things in their old country. Unfortunately, there was high competition for jobs and they couldn’t make any money, so they ended up living in crowded tenements.