Poetry summary

A father says to his son ” do this” snd ” don’t do that” to tell him how to be a man

The charge of the light brigade
600-soldiers brigade charge cannons and die bravely as a result of a commander’s mistake. Destruction of Sennachenb

Pied piper of Hamelin
Hamelin is infested with rats. A man tells mayor that he can get rid of all the rats. The man accepted the 5000 guilders dreaming deal and lures rats by playing his pipe. Later, mayor doesn’t pay for him so he took all the children in the town.

Annabel lee
The narrator is in love with a maiden named” Annabel lee” They were both lived in a “kingdom by the sea”

A folder’s philosophy
Everything choice can change your life and every choice can be reversed

The death of a hired man
A farm Warren’s wife Marry, pleads with her husband to take back former farmer Silas who has always disappointed him. However Silas is very ill and Mary is convinced that he has returned to farm to die.

The tiger
The creator God, in somewhere “hell” or ” heaven”. creat the tiger and show how powerful and skillful he is to create the Tiger.

The traveler tells the poet that two huge stone legs stand in the dessert. There is also a damaged face near it.

The face is distinguished by a frown

The bells
We move happy to sadness