Poetry Test (Compare & Contrast)

“Fire and Ice” and “The Road Not Taken” Similarities
Same author
Both Rhyme
Both Compare two different outcomes
Both have visual representations
The themes of these poems are different outcomes and their consequences and benefits.

“Fire and Ice” and “The Road Not Taken” Differences
The ending in one is bad and the ending in the other is more positive.
One describes endings of the world and one describes a choice he must make
One shows two negative outcomes while the other shows two relatively positive outcomes.

“Dreams” and “Dreams Deferred” Similarities
Both talk about the importance of dreams
Same author
Both poems are on the same topic of what happens if dreams are not acted upon or are lost.
both poems sees dreams as valuable.
The themes of both of these poems are the importance of follow your goals that you desire.

“Dreams” and “Dreams Deferred” Differences
Dreams makes a statement on what happens if dreams are lost while Dream Deferred makes the reader think about his actions. The poet does not assert a point.

Dreams” largely relies on metaphors, “Dream Deferred” uses more similes

“On the Grasshopper and Cricket” and “Sonnet 30” Similarities
Both are Sonnets
Both of these poems have a theme of alienation or not having someone

“On the Grasshopper and Cricket” and “Sonnet 30” Differences
One is in old english and one is in modern english.
One compares the hot summer and cold winter while the other poem talks about lost.