Poetry titles we read

Southbound on the Freeway
An alien comes from Orbitville to Earth and thinks cars are creatures. The poem uses imagery and is (this is my interpretation) how the speaker thinks we have become to attached to our electronics, do we control them or do they control us?

This poem is about how vanity captures life. A poem about how a girl looks into the mirror her whole life and is captured by vanity. She spends so much time in the mirror, she wastes her life looking at it.

Sugar Poem
This poem is about how there are 2 types of people in this world. Those who work and those who enjoy the product of that work. Her attitude towards the workers is pointing their lives and the importance they hold. This poem is a personal narrative that uses imagery.

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Mother To Son
Metaphor, it was told from the perspective of a mother to son. It compared his mother’s life to a staircase. Her staircase was the opposite from crystal, it was in terrible condition and it taught her to not give up on life, no matter what it threw to you.

The Raven
A man has just lost his love and is sitting alone in his home. He begins hearing noises. A raven comes and perches in his room.

The raven stays and the man begins to think the raven is saying “nevermore.” He begins to yell at the bird and get very mad. He believes the raven is a demon, but the raven stays motionless. It uses assonance, anaphora, internal rhyme, end rhyme, and a little alliteration.

A Valentine for Ernest Mann
This poem explains how poems hide in everyday objects.

The author says we must live in a way that lets us find them. It tells a story how a man thought a good valentine was skunks because they had beautiful eyes. He “re-invented” them to be beautiful even though the world thought they were ugly. It has a bit of end rhyme and personification.

Paul Revere’s Ride
Paul Revere tells his friend to light a lantern; one if by land and two if by sea. He took a boat across shore and then got on his horse. At 12 he warns everyone in Medford. At 1 he warned Lexington. At 2 he was in concord. Redcoats were beaten in battle.

This has rhythm, end rhyme, rhyme scheme

Introduction to Poetry
This poem is about how it is not easy to understand a poem. It doesn’t just come to you. The meaning is not clearly stated. You have to find it on your own and it takes time. It uses imagery

Riding Lesson
This poem is about a child learning how to ride a horse. The instructor is showing how and gets thrown off. He says, “See that’s the way to do it.

When you see they’re gonna throw you, get off.”It was written in free verse

The Cremation of Sam McGee
One man and his partner,Sam McGee. Sam McGee was from Tennessee and he always complained. On Christmas they walked on the Dawson Trail and Sam said he was very cold and said he would probably die that night. He asks just to be cremated. So when Sam dies the man finds an old ship, he tore some planks and set a fire and put Sam McGee’s body in it.

He comes back to check on Sam and Sam says “Please close that door, its fine in here.” It is a rhyming poem with imagery, rhyming and rhyme scene.

Birdfoot’s Grandpa
Two people are traveling in a car. The older man keeps getting out to save frogs in the road who are about to get squished. The other person said let the go you can’t save them all. the old man says they have places to go too.

I Hear America Singing
This poem is about everyday people and their daily jobs, how they all sing the same song, they all have ad live the American Dream/Life. It is free verse

I, Too
This poem is a response to I Hear America Singing.

It is the african american side. It is about how African Americans are not respected and treated as second class. It also shows how african americans were treated, but how one day they will be respected and have rights.

O Captain! My Captain!
This poem mourns the death of Abe Lincoln. It talks about how the speaker can’t believe the “captain” is dead. It uses anaphora

How to Eat a Poem
This is a metaphor about how reading a poem is like eating a fruit.

This poem describes how everyone is famous in their own way, even if they do not seem to be. it contains free verse and personification.

Ode to a Toad
It has a rhyme scheme, and end rhyme, it is about how we ma see the death of something that it is unimportant to us.

This poem is about how math is all perfect, there is always a right answer, but in the real word… not so much.

It is a narrative poem of end rhyme that was considered nonsensical.

It talks about theslaying the Jabberwocky.

Fame is a Bee
A rhyming 4 line metaphor comparing fame to a bee.

This is a poem that is a grasshopper jumping it is a concrete poem and to unscramble it, read the last line which is the key.

On the Grasshopper and the Cricket
the grasshopper takes the lead of songs during the summer than in the winter he leaves and lets the cricket sing.

It uses end rhyme.