Poetry Unit 3 SG

Seal: Type of poem?About?Literary Devices?
Type of poem: Concrete poemAbout: How a seal is surviving and what it does daily in the oceanLiterary devices: Rhyme, Repetition, Alliteration, Onomatopoeia

Seal: Identify 6 words that describe the movement of the seal in “seal”?
Dives, darts, swims, plops, sweeps, plunges

Winter:Type of poem?About?Literary Devices?
Type of poem: Lyric poemAbout: How people and animals are preparing for the coming of winterLiterary devices: None

Winter: What are the animals, mothers, and “little boys and girls” doing in “Winter”?
Boys and girls taking medicine, mothers are making oatmeal, and animals are getting food and making shelter for the winter

Haiku:Type of poem?About?Literary devices?
Type of poem: HaikuAbout: The end of winter is coming and spring is coming soonLiterary devices: Symbolism

Haiku: How would you describe the author’s attitude toward nature in “Haiku”?
You could tell that the author adores nature by the way he describes everything surrounding him

Life:Type of poem?About?Literary devices?
Type of poem: Free verseAbout: How an old man thinks his life is lasting too long, but how a kid wants to live forever Literary devices: Symbolism

Life: In “Life”, what image does Madgett use to describe life?
She describes life as a toy that swings on a bright gold chain

Loo-Wit:Type of poem?About?Literary devices?
Type of poem: Lyric poemAbout: How a volcano is erupting and blowing upLiterary devices: Rhyme, Simile

Loo-Wit: What causes the volcano’s eruption?
People were living near here and ruining her land, and she lashed out on the people

The Courage That My Mother Had:Type of poem?About?Literary devices?
Type of poem: Lyric poemAbout: How a mother of a son has passed away and has given courage from the mom to the sonLiterary devices: Simile, Rhyme

The Courage That My Mother Had: Why would the speaker rather have her mother’s character than the physical item her mother left her?
The mom’s courage was more special to him that the item mom left

Mother to Son:Type of poem?About?Literary devices?
Type of poem: Free verseAbout: A mother’s advice to her son about surviving in our worldLiterary devices: repetition, metaphor

Mother to Son: What qualities does the mother demonstrate through her words and actions?
The mother is brave, courageous, string, and fearless

The Village Blacksmith:Type of poem?About?Literary devices?
Type of poem: Narrative poemAbout: How a blacksmith is helping the village and how he is strong but very sweet and kindLiterary devices: Rhyme

Fog: Type of poem?About?Literary devices?
Tye of poem: Free verseAbout: How fog moves from one place to anotherLiterary devices: Metaphor

Fog: What 3 things does the fog do?
Comes, sits, and moves

Highwayman:Type of poem?About?Literary devices?
Type of poem: NarrativeAbout: How a man loves a woman but is betrayed by an enemyLiterary devices: Repetition, Simile, rhyme, rhythm, alliteration

Sarah Cynthia Stout:Type of poem?About?Literary devices?
Type of poem: Lyric poemAbout: How Sarah wouldn’t take the garbage outLiterary devices: Alliteration, Repetition, rhyme,

Sarah: What lesson might readers get from?
Hard work comes first, then play time

Full Fathom Five:Type of poem?About?Literary devices?
Type: narrative; lyricAbout: The death in a shipwreck of King Alonso, being told to his son by a spirit, Ariel. Towards the end, it references the king’s funeral. Literary Devices: rhyme, metaphor, alliteration, rhythm

Name two changes that speaker describes is happening to the father?
His eyes change to pearls and bones to coral

Onomatopoeia:Type of poem?About?Literary devices?
About: water dripping from a spigot Type: Free verseLiterary devices: Onomatopoeia

Describe the length of lines in Onomatopoeia?
They show that water is dripping from a spigot

Annabell Lee: Type of poem?About?Literary devices?
About: as wife dies, says that he will never forget her. Sleeps by her grave and cries himself to sleep every day. Type: Narrative, lyricalPoetic Devices: Rhyme, Rhythm,

How does speaker react to Lee’s death?
He reacts with tears and sorrowness

I’m Nobody:Type of poem?About?Literary devices?
About: Someone who says there nobody.

She meets someone else who is nobody and she says that they’ll take them away. It offends people that are somebody by saying that they are too public and brag about their personalityPoetic Device: rhythm, simileType:lyric

What will happen if speaker reveals that she is Nobody?
No one will care

Stopping by Woods:Type of poem?About?Literary devices?
About: Someone goes through a forest and stops to watch the snow but the horse is wondering why the human has stopped. Comparison about how we have to stop in life to enjoy what you had. Poetic Devices: extended metaphor Type: Lyric Poem

Miracles:Type of poem?About?Literary devices?
Type: free versePoetic devices:About: About a person who sees everything as a miracle. Sees common things (everyday things) as miracles for him.

List events speaker call miracles?
Everything normal and good is a miracle to him

Father William:Type of poem?About?Literary devices?
Type: lyric poemAbout: a boy and his father who are talking and they are making fun of society. Boy is asking how father how he did things and father is old and father does things that old people shouldn’t do.

Father gets annoyed with questions and starts asking annoying questions to the son, but then threatens to kick the boy down the stairs because he has answered too many questions.Poetic Devices: repetition, rhythm, rhyme