Poetry Unit 6 Creative Writing

What is juxtaposition?
Close arrangement of two or more elements, such as characters or ideas, for comparison, suspense or character development.

What is the difference between leading and leaping in poetry?
Leading is where the poet seems to guide the reader smoothly from image to image or line to line. However, leaping is where it seems less directly connected and the reader needs to take larger (or more frequent) imaginative leaps.

What’s the importance of repetition in poetry?
It creates momentum and can pull diverse images and lines together as a whole.

Explain the importance of a good first line in poetry.
The importance of a good first line would be that it is what introduces your poem and helps to establish a poem’s tone and can influence the reader’s experience.

Explain the importance of a strong ending in poetry.
The importance of a strong ending is because it is what ‘sends off’ the reader and influences how the reader will remember the poem.

What is free verse?
Poetry that doesn’t follow a strict meter, rhythm or rhyme scheme.

What is lyric poetry?
Usually a short poem about personal feelings and emotions; often about big ideas like life or death.

What is an aubade?
A poem appropriate for the early morning.

What’s an ode?
A serious, complex and highly emotional poem of high praise.

What’s a nocturne?
A poem appropriate for the evening.

What’s a heroic couplet? How do you write one?
A two-line rhyming stanza written in iambic pentameter. You write it so that two lines that rhyme with each other, followed by two lines that rhyme with each other for as long as the poet requires. Traditionally the lines also had roughly matching line lengths.

What’s terza rima and the sonnet?
Terza rima is a three-line stanza that has an interlocking rhyming pattern of aba.

The sonnet, a lyric poem that has 14 lines and usually follows a set rhyme scheme (may be english or italian), is usually written in iambic pentameter.

Explain what goes into a sestina, villanelle, and pantoum.
Sestina is a structured poem of 39 lines that has strict rules of repetition in a spiraling fashion. A villanelle is a lyric poem that has 19 lines, with a complex structure of five triplets and an ending quatrain. The first and third line of the first triplet are repeated throughout the poem in a particular pattern. A pantoum is a poem consisting of quatrains that, like the villanelle, uses repeated lines. The second and fourth lines are repeated as the first and third lines of the following stanza.

What’s the difference between the sestina, villanelle, and pantoum?
The differences between them are the ways that they repeat and what repeats

What’s the importance of word choice in poetry?
The importance of word choice is because there is so much going on in so few words so each words counts.

Also the poets have to choose certain words due to their sounds, connotations, denotations and their relationships to other words in a poem.

Explain how to use compression when writing poetry.
Look at word choice. The goal of compression is to try and create meaning, images and sounds into few words.

What’s the relationship between form and content in a poem?
Content refers to the ideas in a poem and form refers to the structure. If you put them together they can either create tension or to support the same idea.

What’s the process of revision in poetry?
Proofread your work to clean up any careless mistakes. Make sure you have the correct word choice.

Check to see if your form and content work together. Have feed back from peers and polish it.