Poetry Unit Test

In A Station At the Metro
Ezra Pound

Poem Number 1472
Emily Dickinson

The Meaning of Life
Nancy Fitzgerald

The Traveling Onion
Naomi Shihab Nye

Jorge the Janitor Finally Quits
Martin Espada

Mrs. Darwin
Carol Ann Duffy

Failing and Falling
Jack Gibert

Introduction to Poetry
Billy Collins

Mother to Son
Langston Hughes

Nothing Gold Can Stay
Robert Frost

Jean Toomer

Wendy Rose

Annabel Lee
Edgar Allen Poe

Definition: Two words that have the same consonant sound at the beginning of the word.Example: Warm Water, Peter Pan, Frosted Flakes, Coral Colony

Definition: This is a rhyme in which the same vowels are used but the consonants are different in the stressed syllables.Example: (Proud, Wound, Cloud) (White, Night, Fright)

Definition: The use of correspondence of consonants, usually at the end of words in a verse. It is like an alliteration but at the end of the word. Example: pitter patter,

End Rhyme
Definition: This is where two words rhyme at the end of two lines of a poem in the same stanza.

Example: Bobby had not committed a crime All he really did was ask for the time

Internal Rhyme
Definition: This is where there is a rhyme within one line of poetry. Example: There was a rhyme about a crime.

Tone (Mood)
Definition: This is the mood/ atmosphere the author creates by using sensory words and descriptive phrases.Example: If there is a dark tone one might say “the darkness enveloped and held me in its tight embrace”

Definition: The way of spelling the author uses as to portray the talking of the characters often using commas, slang, and apotheoses. Example: Curly’s wife in Of Mice and Men – tenement

Extended Metaphor
Definition: This is a poem that goes beyond a one line comparison.Example: Mother to Son By: Langston Hughes

Definition: Compares to unlike things without using like or as.

Example: Life has not been no crystal stair. From Mother to Son By: Langston Hughes

Definition: Compares to unlike things with using like or as.Example: She was as sly as a fox

Definition: Something that gives a inanimate object human characteristics. Example: The light shimmered through the windows.

Definition: A sort of paragraph inside of a poem consisting of usually four or more lines in a poem. All stanzas are the same length and fit in with the rhyme and rhythm schemes.Example: Any paragraph in of Annabel Lee

Narrative Poem
Definition: A poem that tells a story, has all story elements (e.g.

exposition, climax, etc.), and is usually divided into stanzas.Example: Annabel Lee By: Edgar Allen Poe

Half Rhyme
Definition: Same vowel sounds and a closeness between the consonance soundsExample: pans, hams, ran, ram