Poetry Vocab: Blue girls, Barbie doll, and We are many

Sward (BG)
An expanse of short grass

Seminary (BG)
Schooling that prepares students to be a priest, minister, or rabbi

Fillet (BG)
A band or ribbon worn around the head/hair

Blear (BG)
To make dim or blur

Tarnished (BG)
To lose or to become less valuable

Coy (BD)
Making a pretense of shyness or modesty that is intended to be seductive.

Dexterity (BD)
Skills in performing tasks, especially, with the hands

Exhorted (BD)
Strongly encourage or urge to do something

Wheedle (BD)
Using flattery to persuade someone to do something

Consummation (BD)
The point in which something is complete or finalized

Summon (WAM)
To call to

Swaddle (WAM)
Wrap, bundle

Reservations (WAM)
Blocks, obstacles

Arsonist (WAM)
A person who purposefully lights fires in order to do harm

Stately (WAM)

Lionize (WAM)