Poetry Vocabulary 3rd grade

a type of writing using creative language, is written in lines and often includes rhythm and rhyme

a paragraph in poetry, separated by line spaces

the beat, or rhythm, of a poem using stressed and unstressed syllables

Patterns of verse
predictable lines or sections in poetry, like repetition

Lyrical Poetry
poems expressing personal feelings and emotions, and often has meter; may or may not be set to music

Free Verse Poetry
some lines may rhyme but there are no set patterns of verse; similar to everyday speech

Narrative Poetry
poetry that tells a story to entertain

Humorous Poetry
poetry that makes us laugh because it is funny

words that have the same sound ending

words used to help the reader visualize the text or story

Figurative language
language not intended to be taken literally but layered with meaning through use of imagery, metaphors, and similies

the comparison of 2 unlike things using words such as: is, are, was, and were

a comparison of 2 things using the words like or as

the beat of poetry, patterns of sounds in a line

using a key word several times throughout a poem

giving human qualities to an object or animal

several words in a sentence that begin with the same sound or letter; example: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers