Pokémon battled greatly influenced Japanese Pop Culture tremendously.

Pokémon was created in 1996 and it
did not take long to become a worldwide sensation. Satoshi Tajiri was
influenced by other Japanese cultural components of the time including the
Nintendo Gameboy and Ultra Seven (a Japanese television show). After pitching
the game to Nintendo, a Japanese video game company, Pokémon Red and Green were
created. The original games featured a total of 151 monsters that could be
caught, trained, and traded in a virtual world. After the original game’s
success, Pokémon Blue was created and was an improved version of the original games.

Later that year, a card game including 102 of the characters was introduced and
became extremely popular.

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the popularity of Pokémon continued to spread throughout Japan, the Pokémon
franchise expanded onto different platforms. In 1997 an anime was created,
which was based off of the popular video games. Magazines, merchandise, books,
and many televisions spin offs would soon be released due to Pokémon’s rapidly
growing popularity. Also, new Pokémon were created and today there are 802 (with
more consistently being added to the universe). Also, the original anime is
still running and video games are consistently created every few years. To date
there are 122 Pokémon video games that have been created. Pokémon is now
popular on a global level and has recently moved into the smart phone gaming
space with the release of Pokémon Go.

concept of monsters being collected, trained, and battled greatly influenced Japanese
Pop Culture tremendously. Popular trading card games and anime such as Digimon
and Yu-Gi-Oh were greatly influenced from Pokémon. Also, the video game is
considered revolutionary for gaming because it set an extremely high standard
for role playing games (RPGs). Also, Pokémon assisted Nintendo in becoming the
global gaming powerhouse it is today.