Post War

Jack Kerouac gave the Beat Generation their name because he claimed that his generation of writers was beaten down by…


The Beat Generation sought to introduce _____ and ______ to the American literature that they believed was limited by conventionalism.
Rhythm. Freedom.

What does riprap symbolize in Gary Snyder’s poem, “Riprap?”
The journey and the workmanship of the trail of life.

In Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poem “The Changing Light,” light is used to symbolize the brightness and uniqueness of San Francisco. How does Ferlinghetti show the unique quality of San Francisco’s light?
Mention of the light in other cities and says that it is different.

Point out the unique qualities of San Francisco and how the light is displayed through them. Creates an image of a light that is organic and always changing.

Based on what you know about Gregory Corso, how do you think he would react to turning 50?
Celebrate all he has to look forward to as a fifty year old.

Why does Allen Ginsberg refer to Walt Whitman as “dear father” in his poem, “A Supermarket in California?”
He considers Whitman to be a leader in alternative poetry? He considers Whitman’s wisdom as a poet to be similar to that of a wise paternal figure. He considers Whitman to be father of poetry in America.

How are Beat poets and Romantic poets similar to one another?
Both types of poets enjoyed writing about nature and natural elements of life.