The poster Dave Edwards

There was another missing person poster gone up in the window of the local shop, this time the poster had a photo of a teenager called Dave Edwards. This was the third missing person in just two weeks. It was starting to get a regular thing now and everyone started to get suspicious and very scared. Their seemed to be a diffinate connection between all three too as they were all the same age and all attended the same high school. Rumours had been going around that people were starting to go missing around a certain area which surrounded a large mansion house. It was a very historical house which was built many centuries ago, because of this many peoples suspicions rose as this building was rumoured to be haunted. Even though many people didn’t believe this after this string of events any pessimistic person would start to believe anything.

An old man walking past this large mansion house heard bullets firing around him, reports of an old man seeing something in the window of the mansion house as he looked up as this old man heard a gun like noise. The next day a new boy came into the school which all the missing people attended, he came in saying that he lived in this mansion house and that he knew of what was going on and invited one of the boys back to his house which was indeed the mansion house which people believed to be the main source of all this strange activity. Tom the boy that had been invited back jumped into the idea and went home with this new boy.

As they walked up to the large house Tom looked up and seen the large wooden doors and thought to himself whether he really wanted to go in but he just held his breathe and walked in. They walked up the squeaky stairs, it was a maze of doors and hallways. They finally reached the top of the house, the new boy who’s name was matthew walked over to a bed and pulled a drawer out from underneath it. He opened a window looking round very suspiciously and pulled out a Air Rifle. The host of this house smiled.

The next day in school Matthew came to school but however Tom failed to show. Most people started to ask Matthew questions as they knew that he went home with him. The new boy denied it all and said that he Tom never went to his house. At this point everyone feared the new boy and everyone isolate him. Days went past and Tom failed to show and by this time the police were contacted and there was a serious investigation was going on.