Poverty needs for them to live normal lives.

      Poverty has always been a rather difficult issue on a national and global level, a complex task requiring the comprehension of what is causing poverty, each having its own unique sustainable solution. This is specially for a country who is still transitioning with millions of people in it. Everyday seems like another fight for survival, a fight for food, water, medical health, education or any kind of money to even achieve any of these scarce things. Struggling to get even the most basic of human needs for them to live normal lives. For example, the countries in extreme poverty and hunger such as Uganda, is one of the most poorest countries in the world. An endless endeavour despite the poverty levels reducing only by an insufficient amount, still is not enough to bring relief to this country, the people with in it and its loathsome economy. “With a per capita income of under US$170, Uganda today is one of the poorest countries in the world; indeed, it is a living testament of the havoc caused by the political turmoil and economic decline brought about by more than a decade of despotic rule.” (Uganda: Growing out of Poverty). In Africa’s eastern area is the landlocked country of Uganda, a country known for its beautiful wildlife and one of the many countries in its continent suffering through extreme poverty and hunger. Two of this reasons being the lack of family life stability and as well as education which are definitely related to each other. “…most ugandan families who are living in poverty are missing pieces of their family. Mothers or fathers are missing as many have passed away (from AIDS and other illnesses), some of left to seek work, and others that have abandoned the family for a variety of reasons.” (What are the main causes of poverty in Uganda?).  As stated, mothers and fathers are key components in keeping families together, making sure everyone is reaching basic human needs, take them out and the family falls apart, making it repeating cycle with the next generations. This usually going on in the more rural area of Uganda, such as Soroti, not showing any little or no progress of poverty reduction. Soroti still to this day, is viewed as being stuck in a “third world” time. This is a continuing problem due to as stated before, AIDS and the lack of family stability going all around Uganda, not just its rural areas.The many people that live in poverty is so acute that it is rather difficult for people who live in developed countries to comprehend what it means to be poor and starving on a global level. Uganda’s problem on a global level shows that it needs all the help it can get from other countries.  Although there are a few active organizations within the country trying to reduce the levels of poverty or at least attempt to get a few things that can help them get by but it still is not enough. Uganda is also attempting to reach out to larger countries in hopes to increase tourism between each other and get money out of it. If nothing is done, Uganda will collapse on itself because of civil revolts. This country has reached its 2nd poverty line level “The second level of poverty was set at a line that represented the bare minimum for adequate food intake.” (Poverty In Uganda 101).