Power and Conflict Poetry Quotes – ‘London’ By William Blake

‘London’ (Content)
The title automatically denotes a specific geographical location. Everything in this urban space submits to being ”charter’d”.

Which shows that the city is officially, permanent. Blake’s repetition of this word reinforces the sense of structure the speaker feels of entering the city.

”every cry of every man” and ”every” (Themes)
Connotes that there are universal problems, everyone’s suffering. Not just problems happening in London but everywhere in the world.

Which makes everyone seem powerless. The use of repetition of ”every” emphasises the lack of hope for the future

”in every ban” (Themes)
Connotes that everything and ”every” person is in government control.

”mind forg’d manacles”(Images)
Suggests that people are prisoners of the mind as well as physically.

”Every black’ning Church appalls”
Shows the dark side of the ”Church” refusing to help innocent children, who are neglected

”Soldier’s sigh Runs in blood down Palace walls” (Images)
The use of a metaphor- shows the guilt of the Church with walls, keeping out the soldiers who have devoted life to the country.

”Marriage hearse”
Each stanza builds up graphically with the final images ”Marriage hearse”