Power and Conflict poetry quotes

oxymandias quotes
SONNETTSneer of cold command The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed Two vast and trunkless legs of stone

London quotes
a mark in every face I meet, marks of weakness, marks of woeRUNS IN BLOOD DOWN PALACE WALLS

Extract from the prelude quotes
BLANK VERSE NO STANZAS there hung a darkness a little boat tied to a willow tree

my last duchess
DRAMATIC MONOLOGUE///BLANK VERSE I gave commands; then all smiles stopped togetherMy gift of a 900 year old name

Charge of the light brigade
IAMBIC PENTAMETER Half a league half a league half a league onwards into the jaws of death into the mouth of hellWhen can their glory fade?

merciless iced east winds that knife us Misery of dawnBullets streak the silenceFOR LOVE OF GOD SEEMS DYING

Storm on the island
BLANK VERSE we build our houses squat

bayonet charge
RUN ON LINES the patriotic tearDropped like luxuries in a yelling alarm

Me myself and somebody else and somebody else are all of the same mind End of story except not reallysun-gunned, sand-smotheredHis bloody life in my bloody hands

CAESURAyour playground voice catching on the wind The world overflowing like a treasure chest. A split second and you were away, intoxicatd Run my fingers through the gelled black thorns of your hair

The Emigrèe
I comb it’s hair and love it’s shining eyes Branded by impression of sunlight

He must’ve wondered which had been the better way to die Journey into history

Checking out me history
I carve out me identify Blind me to my own identity