Power and Conflict Poetry – War Photographer (quotes)

•”Tremble” “Hundred agonies”
•Although he can remain calm in the field, he is deeply affected by the things that he has seen.•Remembering the events is difficult, the memories affect him more than the original events.•At the time it was in the moment and he didn’t have the time to reflect as he is doing now.

•”Ordinary pain” “Running children in a nightmare heat”
•Now that he has witnessed these events he sees that there is no pain similar to this in England.•He feels guilty about how easy life is in his own country, he is being sarcastic about what we call pain, when he knows it truly isn’t as he has seen much worse.

“They do not care”
People have become desensitised to suffering, it doesn’t affect them as much emotionally anymore.He is angry at the general population, they see these pictures and feel sorry for the people in the photos but they don’t do anything about it.He distances himself from “they” suggesting he is isolated from everyone else.

“Running children in a nightmare heat”
Creates a horrific image of war.Use of noun “children” will affect the reader more due to connotations of innocence and helplessness.

“Explode beneath the feet”
Clearly shows the danger of war, you could die at any point, your life is out of your control.

“He remembered the cries of this man’s wife”
The development of the photos leads to the photographer remembering all the horrific events he has caught on camera.

“Blood stained”
Use of senses make it seem personal and makes the reader feel as if they were there as well.Use of verb “stained” hints at the idea that war has a long lasting impact.

“Sunday supplement”
He feels like these photos should be shown in the main newspapers, the “editor” doesn’t think they are important enough and he is angry at that.

“What someone must”
He knows that taking photos may be insensitive and seems a little guilty for doing this.However, he believes that the outside world need to know what is happening in these wars.

“Finally alone”
Suggests he needs some time to reflect on his experiences.

“Stranger’s features”
He records suffering but doesn’t share it.