Premarital is always going to happen. Premarital sex

Premarital sex Premarital sex is sexual active that most people act on before they are married. In earlier times premarital sex was considered a moral issue which was taboo in most cultures, also it is a sin in many religions. In western countries it is coming more widely accepted today. Historically a significant portion of people have engaged in premarital sex, even though the number willing to admit to having done so was not always high. There was a study conducted in the United States, 61 percent of men and 12 percent of women born prior to 1910 admitted to having premarital sex. Premarital sex is definitely not an uncommon thing to do. Majority of americans have did this sexual activity, and it to day it is currently young adults or in other words it is teenagers doing this kind of sexual activity. In this generation they like to have sex with a casual friend or date rather than a spouse. Today, less than 25% of people believe that premarital sex is always or almost always wrong. Without any drastic measures premarital sex is always going to happen. Premarital sex is a growing issue that has consequences like destroying one’s life, and constant guilt and sadness nor is it safe mentally and physically.           Teaching abstinence only is obviously not going to stop premarital sex, even though that is what some religions believe. Teenagers are always going to have that freedom to go out and do things with attractive people that they meet. Not only that but, they also have the ability to get alcohol and drugs. Then after that in some cases sex is most likely going to happen. Abstinence is really only ensures extramarital pregnancy or abortion. Teaching it also makes people think that marriage is a good thing and sex is just really bad and nasty outside of marriage. The biblical view on this is very simple, if you have sex before marriage you are sinning and you will go to Hell because God made it to where people should save themselves . so that is why a lot of christians do not like the idea of premarital sex, so they do wait till marriage because to them they are honoring God. Premarital sex can truly destroy one’s life but some people might not think that. If someone has sex before marriage they will develop a false sense that their relationship is better than it actually seems to be.  Sex before marriage basically controls people’s minds into thinking and believing things that are not actually happening. When a couple gets together and then they start having sex with their partner, they think just because they are finally being intimate with each other that they will last for a lifetime and that it was real true love. In reality though the relationship is not doing well and at some point it is going to end. Having premarital sex can put a person’s life in a downward spiral, so basically setting themselves up for future mistakes. Committing premarital sex can put you out there to suffer many consequences and most of those consequences will set you up for future failures, and from their life will just keep going downhill. When someone becomes involved with sexaul realtions before marriage, when they get married their sexual experiences will go with them. When a person is married they are automatically sharing the whole body with their partner, whether they want to or not. A person’s past can eat away at the intimacy of the marriage. Whoever that person ends up with they will think about what the other person has done in the past and that will make them feel as though they aren’t the only ones in the relationship. Also if a person were to get a disease from having premarital relations, and they decided to marry someone one day they would have to tell them that they have a disease. Most people would just never try for another relationship because, since they have that disease no one is going to want them in any kind of way. So it really ruins everything that they have ever dreamed of for their future adulthood life. Believe it or not premarital sex can bring a person constant guilt and sadness. Sex outside of marriage almost always ends with a broken heart. Once your heart has been broken your whole outlook on life and love are different. Recovering from a broken heart is painful and can scar you for many years if not a lifetime.One minute you are in love, the next minute you are disgusted by the very sound of his voice.The emotional baggage a person can have from the previous relationship which came from having sex with someone they thought was going to be with them forever but, then they find out they were only temporary. So really they just gave up something important that a person is supposed to share with the person they love. Now that it’s gone when they eventually get married they feel like they should not share their body because they will at some point get hurt again. Rarely are boys vulnerable to things like this, they just don’t really show their feelings like girls do. The regrets that the girls have doesn’t last one or two days it lasts for a while, until they finally cope with what they did together. If a person made a mistake in their past they can have regret for those mistakes, but they are going to have to live with what they did and when they are ready, move on.  Guilt is a special form of regret; it is actually a good response because it means that the person’s conscience is working. Some guilt may come from seeing the hurt one has caused other people by using them as sex objects. It might also come from knowing the persons parents would be upset if they knew of theirsexual involvement, because having parents lose trust in you can hurt a lot.      Having premarital relations sex is not safe mentally or physically. The emotional damage from premarital sex can last a lifetime. It is nothing to just blow off The emotional damage of from premarital sex can last people a lifetime, and it is nothing to just blow off because sometimes it can cause deep depression and usually following that is suicide. They are like a ticking time bomb, never know when they’ll blow, and no one don’t want them to blow so we have to care for them and not man-handle them. It can also stunt a person’s development as a whole. Some young people handle anxieties by turning to drugs and alcohol, while others turn to sex. Sex becomes their escape from life since they do not learn how to cope with or handle life’s pressures properly. Teenagagers should be doing more school related activities, developing interest skills, and doing things that make them happy, but instead they just turn to intense sexual relationships. Since they failed to grow like they should during their teenage years, it is going to affect their future life. Sometimes the rupture of a break up after having sexual relations tends to lead to deep depression that may lead, in turn, to suicide.     Most temporary sexual relationships can lower the self-respect of both the user and the used. Casual sex can lower self-esteem, which leads a person into further casual sex, which leads to further loss of self-esteem in an oppressive cycle, which is hard to break. That cycle will just wear that person down the more they do it, and they will be losing more and more of themselves after every single time they do it. The breakdown of sexual self-control is a big factor in many of the sex-related problems that outbreak our society: rape, promiscuity, pornography, addiction to sex, sexual harassment, sexual abuse of children, sexual infidelity in marriage, and many more. 50% of the people who currently have HIV are between the ages of 15 and 24. That is just one out of the many physical effect of this. A condom is not going to truly guarantee that someone will be free of all diseases they can contract from having sex.  Most people nowadays would argue that premarital sex is not a bad thing. Since it has always been a thing they do not think it could ever be something to take serious. Some think they should test things out before they get into a serious relationship, because their “too young” to be in a real committed relationship with someone. They do not think that sex is bad or nasty because it is a natural thing for humans to do. People might argue that there should not be a specific age on having sex because it will happen at some point in life, so why should it matter when. More sex education programs should be teaching teenagers about the emotional effects of premarital sex. As people bond and break, bond and break, bond and break, they lose their ability to properly bond. Waiting for sex just simply is healthier for everyone. All the emotional stress and physical issues people get from premarital relations are just not healthy. Sex is supposed to be something people share with the people they love, because that then shows that the couple is truly connected. This is not just something to put in a christian perspective to know that this is something people should actually take seriously. Sex is a natural but, with this generation it is actually getting out of hand. These kids are just doing it to be cool and little do they know that when they a putting their life in jeopardy. Premarital relations are definitely not worth the risk.