PROFILE approval from the Punjab government and All

PROFILEOF THE EMPLOYER: Lala Lajpat Rai Institute ofEngineering and Technology, Moga (commonly known as LLRIET) is in thecity Moga ofthe Indian state of Punjab.The institute was set up in 1998, under the supervision of Shiva Educational Trust. Itstarted functioning with the session 1998-1999 after approval from the Punjab governmentand All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. The campus is extremely clean and green.

It has state-of-the-artclassroom and labs. LLRIET has a centrally air conditioned and well stockedlibrary.  C.E.1.2.2    OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT: The objective ofthis project was to design such type of lawn mower which is affordable,compact, light weight, easily operate able.

Also it is not expensive and everyone can afford it. It should be environment friendly. The main focus was to designthe mowers mainly for the long lawns and quite easy to use and can be boughtwithout spending a fortune While designing it was to be aimed that it does notproduce any type of pollution like sound or air.  C.E.1.2.3    JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: My job responsibilityin this project was pertaining to the following activities:·       Toselect the parts and components for the proposed mower·       Toevaluate methodology of the project ·       Toknow the concept behind bicycles’ mechanism•        Todesign  a lawn mower which is affordable,compact, light weight, easily operate able.

                   •   To select the material of construction for principalconstituents of Bicycle                   •To  formulate the methodology for the project                    • To conduct  a market survey to  find out an appropriate bicycle for my design                    • To implement the basic pushmower mechanism C.E.1.

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2.4    ORGANIZATION CHART: The organization chartapropos this project is appended below:                           C.E.1.

3       PERSONALENGINEERING ACTIVITIES: – C.E.1.3.1    I at first tried to find out the positiveside of our proposed design for lawn mower, and found out that everybody like aclean and well mowed grass in home, hotel, parks, gardens etc. but we all knowthat it is not an easy job for busy persons. As it was a study cum experimentalproject, I emphasized more on to know the concept behind bicycles’ mechanism asthis was the pivoted item in my designed lawn mower driven by a bicycle.  C.


2    So, I picked that point and try to solve theproblem of high cost, expensive source of energy, bulky shape and complicateddesign. I decided to design such a mower which can eliminate these mainproblems and my focus was made in this problem to solve this lacuna.  C.E.1.3.

3    In my project, I designed such type of lawnmower which is affordable, compact, light weight, easily operate able. Iapplied my professionalism to design the mower which should not be expensiveone and every one can afford it. C.E.1.3.4    I was more ethical when designing this lawnmower so that it is environment friendly and I could established my zealtowards ethical responsibility and it was proved when my design was made suchthat it is operated by man power which is free of cost.


3.5    My design was mainly for the long lawns. Iestablished that If someone compares it with same type of another manpoweredlawnmower then everyone can know that my design is quite easy to use and can bebought without spending a fortune. It does not produce any type of pollutionlike sound or air because no engine is used in my designed lawn mower.  C.E.1.

3.6    I then took-up in my hand the activities towardsdesigning of my proposed lawn mower. Firstly, I selected the parts andcomponents that I would be using for mower as first step for design solution. Idecided to use the following parts and components in my designed mower:1.    Reelmower2.    Bicycle3.    Chain& Gears set of modified sizes4.

    Anglesof different lengths & thickness 5.    GrassCollector 6.    NutBolts of different sizes7.

    Rider C.E.1.3.7    I used flexible links in construction of my lawnmowerso as to connect the bicycle and the lawn mower in such a way that it does notslip or bounces at uneven surfaces. I collected the link from different sourceslike, Junkyard Shops, HardwareStores and an old Bicycle from a Friend. C.

E.1.3.8    I then selected the material of constructionfor principal constituents of Bicycle having Chassis of steel as stated below:1.    CastIron Angles2.    MildSteel Blades of the lawnmower3.    CastIron Chassis of Lawnmower C.

E.1.3.9    I then formulated the methodology keeping inview that not everybody wants to walk behindtheir lawn mower, and some people have lawns large enough that they needsomething with more power and larger cutting areas. A manual reel mower issuitable for just about anyone who lives on a half acre lot or smaller. C.E.1.

3.10  So, keeping in my mind the above mentionedissues, I planned to make a reel mowers which is easy to use, require justabout zero maintenance, don’t need gas or electricity but must work with thehelp of non conventional energy, so that it is environmental friendly as itdoes not produces any kind of pollution which can be air, noise, etc. C.E.

1.3.11  I proved through my design criteria that itrequires less amount of physical force as gears are involved and force is givenout by our legs than our hands.

It is really cheap practically as no maintenanceis required and no fuel or power is used as well. C.E.1.3.12  In my designed lawn mower, the time used inmowing the lawns is also reduced by a large amount as I used the combination ofman and machine power rather than only man power in simple lawnmowers. Evenlarge areas can be mowed by my so designed mower which are really tough to mowby a simple lawnmower. C.

E.1.3.13  So, I came up with the idea of making alawnmower which satisfied most of our needs and then I came up with ‘TheCompact Mechanical lawnmower’. C.E.1.

3.14  I procured a cylinder mower carries a fixed,horizontal cutting blade at the desired height of cut. The configuration Isearched for like this that over this is a fast-spinning reel of blades whichforce the grass past the cutting bar. Each blade in the blade cylinder forms ahelix around the reel axis, and the set of spinning blades describes a cylinder C.

E.1.3.15  I then referred to different technical journal to know more about the function abilityof all the mowers, and evaluated that a properly adjusted cylinder mower makesthe cleanest cut of the grass, and this allows the grass to heal more quickly.The cutting action is often likened to that of scissors; however, it is notnecessary for the blades of the spinning cylinder to contact the horizontalcutting bar.

If the gap between the blades is less than the thickness of thegrass, a clean cut can still can be made. C.E.1.3.16  I then made a market survey and found that thereare many variants of the cylinder mower. Push mowers (illustrated) have nomotor and are used on small lawns. As the mower is pushed along, the wheelsdrive gears which rapidly spin the reel.

I then conducted a mathematicalanalysis to find out the acceptable cutting width and worked out that typicalcutting widths are 12 to 20 inches (510 mm). C.E.1.

3.17  I also implemented here the basic push mowermechanism that is in gangs towed behind a tractor. The individual mowers arearranged in a vie behind the tractor with each mower’s track slightlyoverlapping that of the mower in front of it. Gang mowers are used over large areasof turf such as sports fields or parks. C.E.

1.3.18  To make the mower more friendly, I recommendeda gasoline engine or electric motor can be added to a reel mower to power thereel, the wheels, or both. A typical arrangement for residential lawns has themotor spinning the reel while the operator pushes the mower along. C.E.

1.3.19  I followed the mechanism of Greens (roller)mowers in my design which are used for the precision cutting of golf greens. Inmy design the reel is followed by a large roller which smooth’s the freshly cutlawn and minimizes wheel marks..

                         C.E.1.3.20 Utilizingmy theoretical knowledge I could evaluate that a human traveling on a bicycleat low to medium speeds of around 10–15 mph (15–25 km/h) uses onlythe energy required to walk. Air drag, which is proportional to the square ofspeed, requires dramatically higher power outputs as speeds increase..

 C.E.1.3.21  I then tried to understand the configurationof bicycles and observed that the great majority of today’s bicycles have aframe with upright seating which looks much like the first chain-driven bike.Such upright bicycles almost always feature the diamond frame, a truss consisting of two triangles: the fronttriangle and the rear triangle.

 C.E.1.3.22  I thoroughly then studied and observed that thefront triangle consists of the head tube, top tube, down tube and seat tube I then studied the mechanism of a bicycle chain and came to know that itis a roller chain that transfers power from the pedals to the drive-wheel of abicycle, thus propelling it. Bicycle chains used with a single chaining andsingle rear sprocket are conventional industrial bushing chain C.

E.1.3.23  I on analysis established that a bicycle chaincan be very efficient: one study reported efficiencies as high as 98.6%. Mystudy  performed in a clean laboratoryenvironment, found that efficiency was not greatly affected by the state oflubrication.   C.E.

1.3.24  I observed a bicycle gear, or gear ratio,or speed refers to the rate atwhich the rider’s legs turn compared to the rate at which the wheels turn.

Bicyclegearing refers tohow the gear ratio is set or changed. On some bicycles, there is only one gearso the ratio is fixed.  C.E.1.

3.25  I could achieve the transmission efficiency offixed-gear track racing bikes of over 99% (nearly all the energy put in at thepedals ends up at the wheel). Biomechanical factors however determine that a human can delivermaximum power only over a narrow range of crank rotational speed or cadence. To match thepower source with the load under varying conditions, I calculated a variablegear ratio and observed they work were working very well, though at the expenseof mechanical efficiency. The efficiency varied considerably with the gearratio being used.

  C.E.1.3.26  I proved through my this experimental projectthat since cyclists’ legs are most efficient over a narrow range of pedalingspeeds (cadence), a variable gear ratio helps a cyclist to maintain an optimumpedaling speed while covering varied terrain C.E.1.

3.27  Alternatively, I established that in a lowergear every turn of the pedals leads to fewer rotations of the rear wheel. This allows the energy requiredto move the same distance to be distributed over more pedal turns, reducingfatigue when riding uphill, with a heavy load, or against strong winds.I utilized my theoretical knowledge in establishing the above facts.                                                                                                        C.

E.1.3.28  I required the following Facilities in myproject to manufacture the cycle driven lawn mower as per my design·       WeldingShop·       SmithyShop·       MachineShop·       FittingShop·       WroughtIron Scrap (Junkyard)  C.E.1.3.29  I learnt from this project true meaning professionalism when I was advised by my project guidethat project must be completed well in time in spite of any eventualities andconstrain and I should handle all the events with a professional outlook.

 C.E.1.3.30  My communication skill was commendable whileinteracted with my supervisor and team members .I was always very precise andtransparent while  communicating  with all concern .I established my views withstrong communication  in the groupmeetings. C.

E.1.3.31  I always adhered to my ethical  conduct and in this course I  always tried my best not to skip away inalarming situation and led my team from the front .I never compromised with anyun-ethical activities of any of my team members . C.E.

1.3.32  I proved  about my innovative  excellentskill  in this project while designing alawn mower using a bicycle where lot of innovation was essential as our projectwas purely an innovative project where I had to culture my innovative skill inmost of the cases.  C.E.1.

3.33  I led my team from the front as team lead andnever ignore my responsibility in team management .I always very muchcooperative and positive with my team members .I  was always rational in dealing with them andmanaged my team with god governance.

 C.E.1.4       SUMMARY:- C.E.1.

4.1    I through my project established that theCompact Lawn mower is very effective for types of fields having large area,which are really difficult to mow by a simple reel mower. This mower canwork without use of electric power, so it is really helpful in places whichhave electricity problems. No engine or any kind of fuel is used in this mower,so it is very environmental friendly as it causes no kind of pollution and itis easy to build and a few basic things are need in its construction, so it isnot so complicated as compared to its other competitors. No extra orhidden cost is required as it does not use any type of fuel or electricity. Aswell its parts are not so expensive and easily available.