PROJECT we are able to finish our senior


This report is submitted to the faculty of Electrical &
Electronic Engineering Technology Department of Jubail Industrial College as a
partial fulfillments for the degree of Bachelor in Instrumentation &
Control Engineering Technology Engineering.

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First and foremost, the greatest thanks to Allah for the blessing
so that we are able to finish our senior project. We are using this opportunity
to express our special appreciated and gratitude to everyone rather direct or
indirect in helping us to complete our senior project.

Special thanks and appreciation to the project team supervisor Mr.
Khaleel Masaid for his encouragement, guidance, and inspiration. We just want
to say that, you are not only our teacher or supervisor, you are our friend,
authority and guide, all rolled into one person. We will always be grateful to
you for your support and kindness. 

We would like also to express our gratitude to the chairman of the
Electrical & Electronics Engineering Technology Department Mr. Shaaban
Elfarawi for the support and the encouragement during the semester.

Our sincere appreciation must be also extend to the Jubail
Industrial College Deputy, Education & Training Affairs Dr. Eid Al-Hajri.

Words are not enough to express heartfelt gratitude and thanks to
the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology department staffs who
work behind students to support them in the best way as they could.

Finally, our appreciation also goes to our families members for all
of the sacrifices and support throughout the journey. Thanks to their
encouragement, love, emotional support that they had given to us.    



Ahmed, Mohammed, and Nasser

Jubail Industrial College

28 December 2017


In educational buildings, hospitals or even companies, we can see
the idea of the Pigeonhole  there but in
different way. Nowadays, With the huge technology, our life should be easier
than before. For example, when you ordered something online, and you want to
know the status of your shipment, or a proof of delivery. Should you go to the
post office every day and ask about your shipment? Of course no, because you
can track your shipment online by using your tracking number that was given to
you after you ordered. The idea here is that by using the high technology, we
can discover unique things. In our project here, we tried to make something
useful for our department in the college. The Smart Pigeonhole will make the
staff does not check his box daily to check if he had gotten something new.
Instead of that, he will be received an email and SMS message to his mobile
number to inform him that his box has something.     Chapter 1



At universities and colleges, lecturer uses pigeonhole as a place for
student to submit assignment or homework. Also, it can be used to receive
different documents or mails from admin or other lecturers. The pigeonhole’s work
is similar to letter box where letter or memo for a specific person will be
placed in his/her letter box. The method of using the pigeonhole was
traditional and not updated until the idea of IOT (Internet Of Things) is

Since we reached the IOT point. We should highlight
some facts on this idea and illustrate the beauty of this technology.
Basically, the idea of the internet of thing is to make different devices in
our live to be connected to the internet so that can help us to monitor and
control these devices in our homes, offices, or universities by using a mobile
application for example. At this point, people do not have to switch off the
light manually at night before sleep, or they can switch on the air condition
before they arrived to their home.


The connection between the devices
and the internet will be by using a microcontroller. Nowadays, we can see
different microcontrollers are used in different applications, and they are
easy to use and efficient. Arduino and Raspberry pi are the most famous ones
these days.

In this project, our aim was to
implement an idea that can be useful and helpful in our department at the
college. So the idea of the pigeonhole was the chosen one among different

Problem statement:

At universities and colleges,
Lecturers usually receive different documents and mails in the pigeonhole, and
that makes them check their boxes every day. Sometimes lecturer may forget to
check his/her box, and that could cause a problem because that document is
urgent or important.  The problem can be
solved by this project when the lecturer will receive an email and SMS message
as a notification that his/her box has something.




The objectives of the project are:

make the pigeonhole in the electrical and electronics building smart which that
will help the staffs there.

develop notification that will alert lecturer via email and SMS message by
using the idea of Internet Of Things.


The project will be completed within
these scope:

microcontroller Arduino is using in this project.

sensor that implemented in the project (infrared sensor )  will be able to detect the documents in the
pigeonhole box.


In this report, the reader will be
able to find a lot of information related to the project design by reading
throughout these topics below:

1.      Project management.

2.      Literature survey of smart pigeonhole.

3.      Interface platform development.

4.      Hardware design development.

5.      Description of design.

6.      Results & Discussions.

7.      Conclusion.

8.      References.  




Chapter 3

Literature Review



In this chapter, we will cover the literature review
of the previous studies in order to improve the idea of the smart pigeonhole.
This chapter will discuss and summarize topics which are contains the
information gathered to gain knowledge and ideas  about this project.


The idea of the smart pigeonhole is implemented in
different places like universities, hospital, and companies. Most of these
places implemented the idea by using GSM module which it works  to send the SMS message by using regular SIM
card. This way is obviously will cost the organization or the university money
each month to allow the SIM card to send the SMS message. In our project, we
decided to use different method to avoid the paying to the SIM card. There are
different platforms in the internet offers the service to send free SMS message
by using the idea of the internet of things. The interface platform that we
have chosen offer this service and that will make the project cheaper and more


If we observed  the most sensor have been used in previous
projects of the smart pigeonhole, we will notice that ultrasonic sensor was the
most common. The principle work of the ultrasonic sensor is clear and easy.
There is one transmitter which will send sound waves until hit any objects or
postictal. Then some of these sound waves will be reflected until reach the
receiver of the ultrasonic. But in our project, we decided to use different
sensor to detect the objects which is Infrared sensor (IR). The working
principal of the infrared sensor is exactly the same of the ultrasonic.


But if we consider the distance range between the two
sensors, we will find that the ultrasonic cover distance up to more than 20 cm
while Infrared sensor cover distance less than 20 cm. In the pigeon hole, we do
not want a long distance  to be covered
because the box is not big enough to use the sensor that covers more than 20
cm. If we used the ultrasonic sensor, the detection of the postictal may be not
accurate because some disturbance may affect and then  send a wrong 
alert to the lecturer.  The
infrared sensor was tested and we found it will be the suitable sensor to use
in smart pigeon hole application.     




Chapter 4

Design development


Block diagram and flow chart:Chapter 7

Results and discussions

After the implementation of the smart pigeonhole, we can see that the
idea is successfully implemented. Each lecturer has own smart box which if he
received any new documents, an email and SMS message will be send to notify him
that you received something new.

If we want to talk about the difficulties or problems that we have faced
in the project, the main problem was with the LCD display connection with the Arduino.
If we used a regular LCD to display the name of the lecturer in his box, we
will need a separate Arduino for each box because each LCD has 16 output  pins to be connected to the Arduino.

But we found that, there is an adapter which can be connected to the LCD
and make us to connect only 2 output 
pins to the Arduino which is called I2C adapter (Inter Integrated
Circuit). The adapter can handle 127 different devices  to be connected to it. But in the Arduino, it
is identified with only 8 addresses. So in this case, we can connect 8 LCDs
display with I2C adapter with different addresses with one Arduino.

 In the pigeonhole, we have 24
boxes which are divided into 3 columns and every column has 8 boxes. That
means, each column has one Arduino which can be call as a master and 8 LCDs
with I2C adapters which can be call as a slaves. The total Arduino we used in
our project are 4. Three Arduinos are to control The LCDs with the I2C adapters
and one Arduino which will control the infrared sensors (IRs) that will detect
the documents in each box in the pigeonhole.           











Chapter 7

Conclusions and recommendations

As a conclusion of this project, our aim when we were working in this
project was to discover something that will be useful for Electrical &
Electronics Engineering Department at the college. The idea of the smart
pigeonhole can be extended and implemented in different departments in the
college or even outside the college.

Doing a project without implementation in the real life application can
be easier and simple. In the beginning, as a team, we decided to work on
something that can be useful In the real life. We found that the idea of the
pigeonhole was implemented in different places but with simple way. To connect
the pigeonhole with an interface platform and control it by using a mobile
application was the challenge in our project, but at the end we made it.     

During this course period, we noticed that working as a team gave as an
awesome feeling that each one in the group share his knowledge with others and
discover something new during work in the project. Of course we should not
forgot to thank our advisor           
Mr. Khallel Masaid for everything he made with us. He was the leader,
inspirer, and friend every time.

We are very grateful and pleasure to everyone belief in us and support
us during our working on this project.