Quantitative to understand human behavior. Positivism is often

Quantitative research originated in positivism. Positivist believe that general principles as they do the physical world and that through objective procedures researchers can discover these principles and apply them to understand human behavior. Positivism is often considered the traditional scientific method, which involves hypothesis testing and objective data gathering leading to findings that are systematic, generalizable and open to replication by other investigators. In the social sciences, the numerical data is as the data for researchers in employing quantitative research (Charles&Mertler in UKessay,2015). Like explanation before, using connection between empirical observation and mathematical language. These include cause-effect thinking, testing theories and use of measurement also obtain highly reliable result. There are some types in quantitative research. According to Ary et all (2010),it is divided to be experimental research, ex post facto, correlational research, and survey research. Firstly is experimental research. Experimental uses two variables, dependent and independent variables. Independent variable is as the treatment while dependent variable is as the one which is observed and measured. Then, ex post facto is similar with experimental research but the researcher does not manipulate the independent variable because it has already occurred naturally. Next is correlational research. This research gathers the data from individuals to know about a certain phenomenon and find out the correlation between the events or variables. The last is survey research. This research uses questionnaires and interview in gathering the data from individuals in order to know their opinion and attitude towards some issues.How about a quantitative research related with English Education? We take example, we focus on pedagogy which is concern with methodology in teaching. We find the problem in young learner level. In order to solve it, we have already chosen the specific method in teaching TPR. Using this method, we conduct an experimental research to find out the result. To know whether the method is success or not, we use the numerical data to decide it.