Racism find this on one of the childline

 Racism or also called Racialism. According to global issues’ website Racism is the belief that characteristics and abilities can be attributed to people simply on the basis of their race and that some racial groups are superior to others. Racism takes many different forms, including threats or insults, damage to property, personal attacks of any kind, including violence, being excluded or being treated differently because of the race or culture, and racist jokes. Some people being racist because they feel threatened by other race or culture, growing up thinking that it’s an acceptable action, and many more. You can find this on one of the childline articles. There are so many cases of racism in all across the country. In Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and many more. There’s still a lot of racist in this world that we’re living. Racism is the worst thing that could happen in someone’s life, and now we’re going to tell you why it’s a horrible thing and why we should avoid it.

            So, the first reason why we called racism is a bad thing. It’s because it only causes chaos and maybe it could lead to a war. I mean, we’ll never know that but I believe that it’s not impossible to happen. Okay, so, there’s so many cases of racism in this world like I already mentioned in the beginning, right? So, just for an example. When the World War II occur there’s a Holocaust in Germany. That Holocaust murdered six million European Jews. I mean, that’s a huge number. And those things that have been killed are human, it’s not just chickens or cows. Jews are also human. And I can’t lie but in our country, it happens too. Back then, In Soeharto’s era around 1966 to 1998, Chinese-Indonesian had to experience discrimination. Soeharto banned any Chinese culture in Indonesia. They can’t celebrate Chinese New Year and other events and they can’t even have a Chinese name, so they have to get an Indonesian name. In 1998, Indonesians directed their anger to ethnic Chinese and it created a huge damage in many places in Jakarta and other cities too. The mass would burn buildings and stores that belong to Chinese- Indonesian people. During that time many ethnic Chinese were raped and killed. It’s a dark time for Indonesia. But, we are glad that time had passed and hopefully it doesn’t going to happen again anytime in the future. We definitely don’t want to experience it for the second time.

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                        Second reason. Racism creates a mental health impact on the person who’s experience it. Sometimes when you mock people because of their race, skin color, eyes shape, hair color, and other things. Do you ever think about that person’s feelings? How did they feel when you make a joke about them? Trust me, when they were born they don’t choose their own race. They were born with it. From the article that we read on NPR’s website, According to Harvard’s professor, David Williams, who’s been doing some research on the health effect of discrimination, He found that discrimination is some type of stressful life experience that has negative effects on health similar to other kinds of stressful experiences. This statement also lead us to the next reason why we have to avoid racism. Like we already said, racism creates a mental health issues such as stress, lacks of confident, feeling under pressure of being unacceptable in the community, and all of these pressure that a person has it can cause a depression which can lead to a suicide. Suicide is the worst thing that could ever happen to any person. But that’s a different story to tell. What we want to say is, besides mental health, racism or discrimination also creates a physical health issue. As being said in New Republic’s website, a person who experiences discrimination has been associated with higher cortisol level which is when a person are diagnosed with this, this person is considered unhealthy since Cortisol and other hormones in the physiology are important to maintain immune, reproductive and cardiovascular health.  And yet discrimination may have even greater impacts than was initially recognized.

            Next reason. People who experience discrimination most likely to have trauma and anxiety disorder where they would feel worried, anxiety, or fear that is strong enough to interfere with their daily activities. For an example, a kid is being discriminated by some kids at school. And this kid would be scared to go to school because this kid is afraid, like, what could possibly happen if he met the kids who bully him. This kid will become an introvert. It’s a horrible thing that children have to experience with. Children have to go through a hard time as they grow up. They always scared and have a trauma of people, because they think that people will hurt them. It took a long time to cure this trauma, and it’s not easy. The last reason. Like we already mention on the first reason it says that racism creates a chaos and could lead to a war. Based on this, a war is something that could bring our country to destruction and if a war occurs we will no longer have a safe place to hide because people will hurt each other. We will have difficulty to find foods, water, and other needs to keep us alive. Chaos is everywhere and people frightened. In the end, we can’t live a peaceful life. We definitely don’t want a war to happen in our this world.

Considering that Indonesia is an ethnically diverse country with around 300 ethnic, 6 religion and other beliefs, and more than 742 different languages and dialects spread across the country from Sabang to Merauke. We just want to say that we all meant to be different, none of us look exactly the same even a twin doesn’t look exactly the same and we’re not supposed to be the same. That difference makes us unique and we should proud of it. Every human being has their own abilities, talent, specialty and something that other people doesn’t have. Now that we know what racism only give us bad effect, we should stop Racism. Humans need to start treating humans like humans. Create a peaceful place for us to live in. Create a better place for our children.

We hope that we could make this world into a place for us and for the next generation where we could live in peace. No war. No hate. Just love. Remember that you are here for a reason. Remember to love yourself first and never change. You don’t need people in life who didn’t appreciate you for who you really are