Raskolnikov comparatively i would say. In this story,

Raskolnikov is one of  the most significant characters comparatively i would say. In this story, the characters of the two main characters : dostoyevsky and raskolnikov are combined together with some special themes which are ideological. His name is derived from the Russian word ” raskolnik” meaning schismatic or divided. And the meaning of this character portraits that it is controversial from the human society. He suddenly changes his character of acting immediately which means he acts in one manner now and suddenly changes it in a manner which is completely a different one or contradictory. From this it is estimated that he is supposed to play a dual role or to have a split personality. His character is beautifully explained or portrayed in the second chapter to Raskolnikov’s mother and sister as well by razumihkin that Raskolnikov is proud and being naughty and also suspicious and fanciful. As mentioned before he has a caring and a soft heart and also a rude character more often, so as he dies not like to express his feelings and be open hearted to anyone. These contradictory characters could be emphasized by having power and will and on the other side of which he has the warm, human compassionate nature. It might be bit confusing for the readers but at the same time it is interesting a bit, because now a days we see these kinds of movies everywhere. While watching a movie, it is bit different as well the character could be understandable since because of the video. But while reading a novel, its a bit hard to analyse what type of character could Raskolnikov be ? This confusion arises because each of the humans thought differ in their own way which everyone would agree to what I am talking about. This dual nature of Raskolnikov is a result of predetermined or pre planned actions by which he has never got the talent to act spontaneously. From this we can analyse his bit of character which would enable the ability to formulate his theories about crime and to commit the crime. Controversial to the dual character of Raskolnikov, Dostoevsky created two other significant characters in the novel who are Sonya and Svidrigailov. Svidrigailov is a character with self-will which is represented as intellectual. And those actions of Svidrigailov has been performed by him as it gives pleasure and also by which these acts place him above the common morality. This describes that he would not allow few actions related with the law or human activities or morality to prevent him from having his own way. Since because of these theories, Raskolnikov could commit a murder and so Svidrigailov raped a 15 year old girl who is dumb. Svidrigailov did all this for his own satisfaction. The intellectual , cold side character of Raskolnikov was bounded up in the theories of the extraordinary man. If Raskolnikov has been considered as this type of extraordinary person, he should be able to stand alone without depending on any of the human companionships or without being influenced by the activities of others. Raskolnikov should be  the only one and he does not rely upon anyone else and should be completely self-sufficient. when his actions are being performed, he is temporarily violating this intellectual character as explained above of his nature. The other side of Raskolnikov is the kind, soft-hearted nature which as we all can analyse is compassionate. His immediate response of any kinds of situation or the action which he takes depending on the situation describes his nature or we can say that as his personality. Sequentially, he will more often perform his actions in a warm manner for which he would regret a lot instead of thinking it be proud, lets say. For example, let’s say, he immediately helped Mareladov’s family by giving some money for which he regrets a lot after sometime the money being given to them. Raskolnikov more often acts in  kind hearted manner so as to sacrifice himself for others by taking risks such as rescuing a small child from fire or either for concerning over a drugged young girl who is pursued by a dandy with immortal intent. The controversial character of Raskolnikov in this story is a bit confusing because of this dual nature. Initially, he did not allow or accept the wedding of Dunya and Luzhin and later he tells to marry each other and this could a best example of Raskolnikov’s character in this novel .