Reading Review Question Stems and Focus Skills

In paragraph 2, which words help the reader understand what buoyant means?
Word Meaning

The diagram in the passage helps the reader understand-
Text Features

What is the purpose of this article?
Author’s Purpose

What is paragraph 7 mostly about?
Main Idea

Which phrase below shows an opinion?
Fact and Opinion

You can tell, “Jimmy’s Big Day” is a narrative poem because-

How can you tell this story was written in 3rd person point of view?
Point of View

How do you know that Jenny is a brave person?
Character Traits

What genre are stage directions characteristic of?

Which poem contains the rhyme scheme A- A- B- B- A?
Poetry (Limerck)

How was this passage organized?
Text Structure

How does the author probably feel about Pandas?
Author’s Perspective

Which sentence best completes this summary?

Which sentence supports the idea that Travis was loyal to Texas?
Supporting Details

One idea present in both selections is-
Comparing Across Texts

Narrative Poetry
Has a problem, characters and tells a story

AABBA rhyme scheme, funny

Lyrical Poems
Emotional, usually rhyme

Concrete Poems
Take the shape of the subject

Free Verse
Usually do not rhyme

Cast of Characters

First Person
I, We, Us (narrator is in the story)

Third Person
He, She, They (narrator is outside of the story)